To All Females

This is to ALL FEMALES that date someone in a motorcycle club or about to start dating someone in a motorcycle club.

WARNING!! This lifestyle is not your typical relationship. If you are a jealous type chick, you need to find someone else cause there is nothing that man can do about other chicks finding an attraction to him because he’s in a motorcycle club. No different than you!

As that female dating a man in a motorcycle club, you need to stay focused on everything you need to learn to be in a successful relationship with a man in a motorcycle club. This lifestyle has serious rules & boundaries that can not be crossed or violated! We don’t accept apologies cause we live by code and now so do you!

As a woman dating a man in a motorcycle club you need to realize & accept that you are going to be taking on some duties that were not common to your past relationships, so understand you can not compare the two. This man has a relationship with his club and a obligation to his club. Like I said, if you are a jealous type chick, you need to find someone else, cause this man is already committed to someone, his club!

Yes, he really is in a relationship with his club believe it or not. The only thing he not doing is having sex with his club, but that’s the one thing that’s different between the club and you. Understand from the heart, his club means the world to him and I’m sure you mean a lot to him, but NEVER put him in the position of making a choice cause like I said, if the only thing you can offer is Sex, he can get that anywhere, but there’s only one 1DOWN MC.

As a female dating a man in a motorcycle club, you have 2 things you need to keep your mind focused on doing, and that’s it:

These are the Top 2 contaminations of a woman dating a man in a motorcycle club. #1- Your man should not be speaking club business to you at all!!!! But if he fucks up, and he does, you need to be smart enough to keep that shit to yourself and not speak it to anyone. #2,- You need to respect your man and keep your eyes from wondering around and giving someone the wrong impression, that somehow leads to you getting yourself in a real fucked up situation when you knew better!

IF YOU WANNA FUCK A MAN IN A MOTORCYCLE CLUB, JUST KEEP IT AT THAT AND KEEP IT PUSHING!!! We already know “We can’t turn a Hoe into a Housewife”, so don’t pump your brakes when you just passing through.



Sorry this might be a little over some of your heads, but I assume a large percentage of people on my profile are Motorcycle Club related, so I figure most of you will be able to relate to this. I wrote this to help the future of the MC lifestyle and females in the MC lifestyle.


Much love,


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24 thoughts on “To All Females”

  1. This is so real & very understandable, unless you from another planet, hoes go be hoes,
    * dont pump your breakes when you should be passing through*
    I love your advice on the mc lifestyle altho these women are cut throat, knowing they have been past around & through they make it difficult for all women with their hoe behavior who is not lookn for a relationship….
    #I’m Team Goldie all day every day#

    1. I believe whole. Heartedly in the Motorcycle fam bam im a full time believer but in the case of REALITY sex is not the only thing a mate gives so men who DO have a Wife, girlfriend. Or significant other, they know that a REAL man knows what order his Wife Motorcycle club money food clothes, etc goes and believe that Hiz club is not the first in line. If it is then his destiny is to be ALONE, in life and death no truth to his friendships or lovers , JUST THE BIKE THE ROAD AND HIM. NOT LOVED BY FAMILY or FRIENDS CREATED BY HIM SIGNIFICANT OTHER the way God intended it to be. The world steps aside for a ryder that knows
      Where he is going, ya dig!!!!!

  2. Speak my brother speak!!! If u come in acting like a hoe u
    will surely be treated as one!!!!!
    This not a life is not. for the jealous women at all!!!

  3. Wow, a little forward but It’s true that staying out of club business can make life simpler. I’m dating a guy in a MC and I attend most meeting with him even though I’m not a member. I like being involved and knowing whats going on.
    As for not getting jealous. You get jealous of what you don’t have, I’m territorial. I understand the commitment to the club but other girls interested in my boyfriend will have to go through me first.
    Although put across in a quite straight forward manner I agree with most of whats been said.

  4. Women need to know their place period! The MC life is not a game and it is not one that you can just call your man out in public or flirt with whoever you want to. I for a while dated an MC President. Believe me, when I say you best learn and know your place! MC is not an RC, so yes it is Club, family, job period. Women that means you come second! You keep your mouth shut, keep your legs closed, no matter what your old man does, you don’t call him out in front of anyone. You wait until you are behind closed doors. Do not under any terms ask about club business. You are the property of. This means he owns your ass and you better not be sharing it with anyone else! You may think a smile to a man across the bar is no big deal, well honey it is. It is all about how one perceives it. Just because he is not there does not mean he won’t find out!! Nine times out of ten he knows before you ever walk into the bar you were in to start with. There are a lot of what I call biker rats or aka patch jumpers….well if you don’t want to be treated as a hoe then don’t act as one. As a female, you also need to be prepared for a male patch member to say something that will piss you off or what you might think is disrespectful. Here again, you keep your mouth shut period. If it is out of line, your old man will handle it. Your job is to look good on the back of his bike, make sure he is fed, do your wife or girlfriend duties at home, and once again know your place. Each club as different rules on what they expect from their property of’s. Learn them and do not forget them. Do not think a sister will not put you in your place if you step out of line with her man or else wise. As, far as being out and about, get use to other females wanting your man. It is part of the world we live in. There is a line and once it is crossed and you have permission then handle it. Meaning her ass and not his. Even if he started flirting with her, you keep that fight behind closed doors. Never and I mean never talk club business (which you should not even know) but if you do, don’t speak of it. This includes talking about members. Each club is different but my advice is know your place, close your legs, keep your mouth shut, and don’t be a patch jumper!

  5. WOW..i was already in love with Mc clubs but now I realy wish to join one,ya I’m not a man but I’ll make one hell of a prospect hhh…but I’ll be equally happy to be in a rs with a guy has that kind of loyalty n respect, any woman would kill to have such a man, I know I’ll 🙂

  6. Well my birthday is coming up. & my boyfriend will be spending time @ the MC club house,
    He just n RC tho… It’s on a Friday & I work on sat half a day… But I always feel left out.. The other girlfriends & wife go to club house more then me.. He only ask me go on sat… I would go on Friday but would have leave early… I feel like I’m alway left out or put on hold…

  7. I’m fairly new to my boyfriend and he is in a MC… I don’t know why but i fell hard and fast!!! I guess because I was in a shit relationship when he came in my life… I understand a lot of things because he has explained them to me and he is very sweet and funny and I feel safe and happy next to him and his MC try are all very awesome… My concern is… I am a Jelous woman… Not of what he HAS to do with his MC or things I can’t know… But of other girls that try to get with him… I’m sure there will be girls trying… I heard some of you say… It ain’t for jealous girls…. But I may be in love… What do I do?? I know you can’t choose for me… But can I get some advice???

  8. Hawg Ridin’ Fools M.C.nomad in club 38years.that should be in the bi-laws!from day one.and written w/respect. Got my vote.

  9. I need some advice ladies. I’m the type of woman who works just as hard as my man. We’ve been together for almost 4 years now. We are equals in no way shape or form do I think otherwise. He’s been hanging around with a club and will possibly be prospecting. I’m a little worried about those because I’m not sure if this is the life style I want for our family. I’ve put hard work and dedication and have been through hell and high water with this man. It’s always been our kid first then me as a priority. I don’t understand how it’s fair that I break my back for him and all of the sudden complete strangers before a priority. I will never be property of. The only person I belong to is myself. I am not a piece of property. We are supposed to be getting married next year. But I think I’ve just been traded in for the club life :/
    Is it really this bad? I thought we earned our rights as equals, and have been taught to have a voice and that men aren’t superior they are our equals. I don’t think being a “submissive ol lady” is the example I want to set for our daughter.

    1. If he prospects darling, he is owned by the club for at least 1 yr. He has to jump thru hoops at every beckon. Put on yer big girl panties if you are going to ride that ride.
      Lady Ryder

      1. Sounds like you guys should hold off on that wedding until he emerges from the prospect life! haha Have a proper celebration!

    2. Already sounds like this is not a lifestyle for you. And as stated…..this isn’t for everyone….Thank God. So either get him away or plan on making adjustments you already don’t understand or start making plans for a future with someone else.

  10. It is an honor to have a property patch,once you join the club life your world will change,getting to travel all over the world,the feeling of being on the bike with the wind in your hair as you ride around,some people get the wrong idea of how members treat their ol reality we’re treated with respect but respect has to be earned,if you disrespect anyone they will disrespect you back .i agree if you are the jealous type this life is not for you.give your ol man the freedom to do what he pleases and i can guarantee he will always come home to you

  11. I was just last week introduced to MC and was amazed with the respect I received from the brothers .
    I really do appericiate the words of wisdom as I want to give the respect back without being nosey .
    I know , I can’t hold his vest unless I am a property . I also was educated about social media postings , safety and club rules .
    Here is my question , So at the party I saw that his shoelaces were untied so I went and tied it for him as I don’t want him to bend down . I felt like a lot of people looked at me …. did I do something wrong ? He didn’t say anything , another young lady said ” girl don’t start this ”
    I am born and raised south Asian and to me it was not a big deal . I am kinda confuse …..

    1. Hi Najee – not a good idea to get down and tie his shoes up – I’m sure you meant well as I understand your culture but this culture is a lot different. Take Goldie’s advice as she sounds very true blue and experienced! I grew up around bikers and in clubhouses and the rules of the house haven’t changed too much at all. Not sure your man would feel very good about his “mom” tying his shoes or wiping his face and hands in front of the rest of his brothers. If he didn’t ask you to get down and tie his shoes, then it’s likely not a good idea to do it. He wants a confident lady by his side but not a mom and I’m sure you understand. Have fun and it’ll all fall into place for you!

  12. Hey Hottie ! I completely understand your point ! Thank you !
    I spoke to him about it and he said it was ok and said ” my brothers asked me if you have a sister “. I was relieved 😌 but I do hear you !

  13. I’m new to MC world, dating a National Co-Founder with 8 other locations! I am outspoken, attractive, & wife material. I hungout for the 1st time with him & MCs, I must say I was treated like a queen by everyone! They treat him like the Godfather, & I love it! But, them hoes at the damn club, 1st night out at a social gathering I felt comfortable being myself & he gave me his attention, no problems! 2nd night, at MC house he was like; U don’t serve me, don’t hand me nothg, if I need anythg they got me, so I was like “what the fuck that mean?” I asked, U don’t need to do shit, but sit there, dance a lil & look sexy and watch these hoes hate on U…it only took a sec for me to get out my feelings, we didn’t sit together at MC house like the day b4, so no-one knew (visitors) who he was with…I’m seeing females touch & grabbing on him but these hoes don’t care!! He gestured for me to come over we chatted I told him how he’s holding shit down, he’s like u the sexiest in this bitch, sit back & njoy need anythg ask the man standing behind U cuz he’s not going nowhere thts for U! So, I noticed tht when I was speaking with him, even the women of the club(property ofs) was looking at me crazy when I decided (after asking tho) to dance next to my man which I haven’t danced all night…he said, thts considered “grand gesture” but, he did initiate a few dances with me…& I’ll be damn after tht sum associate chic starts to dance in front of him like bitch fuck U! Me being such a lady & graceful in my movement he paid her azz no attention…but this hoe did take it far. I’m sitting with the club president Girlfriend whom I’ve known 1st b4 the National Founder, this same chick comes over & she bump me (1st time) ok, cool. She comes by again (2nd time) there’s no reason it’s plenty of space…she comes (3rd time) to dance with her, this bitch bumps me again…so, I mention this to president girlfriend only to ask what to do, cuz my next step was to check this bitch, but I don’t know the rules of any of this…No, I’m not the jealous type by any means, I just like to be known who I am…once again, this was the 1st time he brought me to MC house here in my city, I haven’t been to the one in his town (probably a whole new bag of SHIT)!!! I am clueless on the expected behavior, I have interrupted conversations he’s been in with the guys, well tht won’t happen again, I’ve given him corrections while they’ve been around…I see I have tons to learn! Help me out! I like the concept of extended family, if we get serious in this relationship he said I don’t have to be “property of” which is privilege he said, but I want to know how do I pull the women together so no-one feels inferior or left-out…women movement/empowerment from within??

  14. I would need some help. I have split up with my bf who is a member of an mc and now I fell in love with another member. I have not cheated on my ex, I have just realized that I don’t want to be with him anymore. Now the club is prohibiting any relationship with the guy I fell in love. Can they do this? Can they make him choose between me and the club? I’m very upset about this and I don’t feel it fair because I’m not with my ex anymore. Please tell me what should I do? Thank you Juliet

    1. Hello Juliet,

      Thank you for reaching out and thank you for asking for my unprofessional advice and for wanting to hear my opinion on this issue you have.

      In the Motorcycle Club life we aim to keep our brotherhood tight, loyal, and drama free. It’s not easy but we give it our very best. 1 of the biggest issues to a man and his relationship with his club is his relationship with his woman. Unfortunately in most cases a woman can be the biggest cancer to a motorcycle club and it’s members. I’m pointing this out so you can see first hand that you really need to check yourself.

      You said you are no longer dating a guy that’s in the same motorcycle club of this new guy you have fallen in love with? Juliet, that’s trashy. You need to look at what you are making yourself look like and what issues this could cause for those 2 men in the club.

      So, your question is can the President of that club make that member choose between some “Pussy” or the Club? The answer from me regarding my motorcycle club would be YES.

      If a member of my club was dating some chick and they broke up and another club brother started to “fuck her”, date her, see her, and it immediately caused issues between the 2 brothers, I would step in and advise the 2nd guy to leave that chick alone. It’s obvious she’s not in love with either one of you, she’s in love with the Patch. So, I’d advise him to either “fuck her” and drop it, or leave her alone. If I felt I needed to take further action I would “low key” have another one of my club brothers “get at her” to also start fucking her on the side to show both of them fucking retards that that bitch ain’t shit.

      Juliet a motorcycle club is no place for you to be looking for love. Take yo ass to Starbucks, Vons, Yard House, or go walk the Beach and find you a man that has no connections to a man you was once In Love with.

      I find what you’re doing totally disgusting and disrespectful at every level. I also forgot to add that I would ban you from coming around the club. Why? Because what you bringing to the club is drama and drama isn’t needed.

      I run a tight ship, so asking me my opinion on this matter is coming from a man who don’t take no shit and knows for a fact that Pussy should never come between 2 real men.

      You said you were “very upset”? The person you need to be upset with is in the mirror.


      1DOWN MC

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