Goldie’s Thoughts on SOA


When I post something…. there will always be a educating reason for it. Each 1 Teach 1. Never assume someone knows. If you wanna know for sure that they know, then be sure to tell them. There are so many assumptions in regards to this show. I find myself wanting to educate people on things that are public knowledge but maybe you just didn’t know about it cause it wasn’t put n your lap… well, I’m here to say here ya go!

I commend Kurt for hiring Paris B. It said a lot to so many people. Did you know that prior to season 7 that most all Episodes in all the other seasons were rotated by different Directors each episode. But still again, there was a reason that Kurt did that and it seemed to work. But this final Season was Directed by Paris and to top it off Kurt & Paris allowed another younger Black Director named Charles to fully Direct one of the Episodes in Season 7. Kurt Sutter then came in at the end to Direct Episode 13 of this Season 7. There is so much that goes on behind the scene to bring you such a fucking kick ass bad ass show! So much hard work.

In Episode 10 after we ambush Moses and later that night when Jax is talking to the guy on the porch, Jax originally walks down the drive way comes up to me and shakes my hand and tells me “Thank you” and then he continues to walk down the hill to greet Rat boy, T.O., and the guys. We shot this scene about 10 times, and unfortunately they cut it out. You best believe I was sad cause that was to be my last scene on SOA, but I knew and respected that it was cut for a reason and I respect that. They know whats best, not me.

Don’t HATE on these actors for doing their job. Let it be a gay scene, a murder scene, a snitch scene, a fight scene, a racist scene, or anything they are paid to do on this show, it’s just acting. ALL the racist acting characters in this last episode were cool as fuck in real life. Matter of fact, to be honest with you, I was surprised that a couple of them talked with a “black swag” in their lingo, but when they were acting for the show, they switched it up to sound like a hillbilly of some sort. Funny thing, when on the set, the guys with the Swastika tattoos would make it a point to say “hey Goldie whats up bro, good to see you and good to meet you! This tattoo makes me feel fucking weird, it dosent look good on me right!” we would laugh

My name is Goldie DeWitt and I was lucky and blessed to be part of this historic show that will go down in history as the greatest motorcycle show ever! I wish each and every one of you Male or Female is blessed with the opportunity to take part in something special like this. If the opportunity comes your way, you better not fuck it up, cause it’s a 1 time shot. I always dreamed of being on TV, but I knew I wasn’t a actor, but God threw it in my lap and it was my opportunity to make a dream come true! After this show is over I will continue on with my life in the Adult Entertainment field and my Motorcycle Club lifestyle. The memories of working with SOA will last forever!

This was the first time in my life that I worked with a group of people over a span of 6 years that NO one has ever “Turned on me, Back stabbed me, Gotten Jealous of me, or showed signs of turning into a Hater.” Each time I saw the Cast, & Crew it was fun and welcoming. This show could have went on for another 10 years just on the strength of how well everyone worked together! The chemistry we all shared was something spectacular! As each main character of SOA was killed, it wasn’t only the money from the show they knew they were gonna miss, but the friendships that came from it was something they really grew attached to, and I would say that was the most sad part. Most of the guys cry on their last day of filming their last scene and the entire Cast & Crew gets a bit teary eyed as well.

Well, I hope this opened you up a little bit more on me & the show. The best part about any show or actor is what they give off camera on their personal time and this is something I wanted to share with you cause this is that stuff you won’t see or hear on the show. THAT STUFF THAT REALLY MATTERS! Raw & uncut. Take care and thank you all again for the love, support, and FANS that out do the Oakland Raiders!!

Forever grateful,
Goldie DeWitt aka “Menace”.



It takes effort, and pride to be 1DOWN to be me.

I don’t half step in what I do and what i represent. The same efforts and energy I put into getting ready for today, I stand ready looking forward to tomorrow.

I come from the Deion Sanders era when “You look good, you Play good!” I was never a fan of any team, but I was a fan to certain players.

I represent myself to the best I can with Class & Respect as in relation to how I want people to see my motorcycle club and what we represent.
I’m proud of who I am and who I am becoming. I say this because I’m still growing and learning. I’m still perfecting my Craft and i will be doing this every day of my life.

Why do I crease my jeans? Let’s just say they resemble my daily grind and struggle. No matter how wrinkle my jeans get today, I’m back tomorrow standing strong and solid with no effects from yesterday!

Today on this beautiful 1DOWN Sunday Funday I hope something sparks some fire in yo ass to make a change and do something to make a difference for the better in your life. Don’t be afraid to reach higher, even if you have to let go of some dead weight.

Goldie DeWitt



I kinda miss my Road Glide and I’m glad she’s back home. She had a good 6 years featured on Sons of Anarchy as the lead bike used by Michael Beach starring as T.O. as the Grim Bastards President. Feel free to come down to the 1DOWN BIKER SUPPLY HOUSE to see a piece of Sons of Anarchy in person!

The GRIM BASTARD GLIDE Owned by Goldie DeWitt.


Today I went and picked up my GRIM BASTARD Road Glide from the Sons of Anarchy filming studio lot. Sad sight to see… 7 years of history just wiped away, torn down, and painted over in just a few days…. but hey its the life of TV production. Build it up, tear it down.

Well, the show is over no more Grim Bastards, but my real life club 1DOWN MC will continue to thrive and move mountains and make history!

I’ve met a lot of people and I’ve done projects with many people, but the Staff, Crew, and Actors on SOA were the coolest folks I’ve ever worked with! I’ve seen many people come and go from the show through out the years and some how I managed to stay alive for 6 years on the show, never got killed, and became a very strong “solid” influential character that was heavily tied in with the Sons of Anarchy mc all the way up to the very last season….. and more

You will see me in Episode 10 which is next Tuesday! You will also see my new “Gold” Harley FXR sitting outside The Bar. Wow, what a coincidence… my bar in real life that I owned only had the words “THE BAR” as the lettering on the outside wall of my bar, so does The Bar in this upcoming episode of SOA. This episode is powerful!!

My Road Glide got some fame! and I’m happy to get er’ back home. I got another TV offer for my Road Glide so it looks like I might find myself becoming a Agent for my bikes

The exposure from SOA is WORLD WIDE insane!!!!! Thank you to all the kind Fans the support the show. The show wouldn’t be shit without you.

Much love and respect,

Goldie DeWitt
Featured on SOA as “Menace” from the Grim Bastards.


In the 1DOWN Tshirt Laboratory making some super dope tshirts. I see to it that we are a self sufficient motorcycle club that needs nothing from nobody. We got just about everything we need In House. I also teach my guys how to design and operate so they can do their own. We stand true to the saying “EACH 1 TEACH 1.”

I make it a point to teach my guys “my Craft”.  I want them to be able to carry on with out me.  I want them to be able to provide for themselves to contribute to the forward movement of 1DOWN MC.

111% LEGIT HUSTLE is how we GET DOWN.



“I live it. I dedicate my life to it. I make time for it.” -Goldie

“You fake it. You not committed to it. You make excuses making no time for it.” -You know someone who fits this? is it you?

THIS LIFESTYLE is not for the fake or weak. This lifestyle will squeeze out the MAN in you, or the BITCH in you. Best believe you will get squeezed! And just like football, it’s not about the hit, it’s about how quick you get right back up!

I am a 111% leader that takes pride in learning how things should be done from the teachings oh those that matter. This lifestyle has no room for mistakes and you can not UN-DO a fuck up! So with that being said you must ultimately become a perfectionist at what you do!

I’ve learned a lot more about myself and Who matters and What matters since I’ve dedicated myself to this lifestyle. I can tell you, but it wouldn’t matter, cause in this lifestyle actions speak louder than words.

I lead by example. I believe a good leader is a leader who gets DOWN in the trenches. I built 1DOWN from the ground up 18 years ago and I’ve been through some fucked up shit dealing with some sorry ass weak punk bitch mutherfuckers, but I never let anyone get in my way of moving 1DOWN forward year after year becoming bigger and stronger!

I am as SOLID as a man can be! I am proud to say this cause I have worked hard for it and I know this will be a continuous struggle for the rest of my life cause in this lifestyle you can never get comfortable if you wanna survive.

I respect those that show me the same respect I show them. I function with those that got their shit together. I function with those that hold a high level of respect for themselves. I function with those that see the potential in what I have to offer and appreciate what i have to offer. If i don’t function with you, there’s a reason for it.

I make no excuses and i don’t accept excuses. This lifestyle is something you have to reach for and you will always and forever have to make adjustments and modifications in your personal life to work around your club life. Say what you want, but ultimately CLUB LIFE comes first.

This past 3 days were filled with personal life, business life, and club life and when all said and done, it’s everything I signed up for and it always works out if you are a responsible organized person. I’m not allowed to get tired.

Just last:
FRIDAY night, went to a wedding with my Wife then After that I had to drop my wife off then catch up with my motorcycle club.

SATURDAY night went to a wrap party for Sons of Anarchy.

SUNDAY morning went to Save The Patch event with my Motorcycle club that lasted throughout the day and night.

So you best believe I have no room for any man’s excuse. I have told grown men to their face “FUCK YOUR EXCUSE!” When you speak from the heart against someone who speaks from a lie, they know at that moment they looking at your soul and passion of what you represent and trust me, they know how real shit is.

I love this lifestyle cause it allows me to fellowship with some good people and provide a brotherhood and family for those looking to share the same HABBITS we provide here in 1DOWN MC.

I AM SOLID TO THOSE I FELLOWSHIP WITH. Like I said, in this lifestyle actions speak louder than words.

I don’t give fuck if you are White, Black, Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern, or what ever. RESPECT has no color line and the foundation of what this lifestyle is built on is RESPECT.

1DOWN MC code of honor is something that’s recognized from head to toe on how we conduct ourselves and represent ourselves.

Thank you for reading… thank you for your continued love and support and friendship.

Love respect,




“Everybody wants to be on Top but nobody willing to work from the Bottom up!” I know where I started and I know where the Bottom is, but I can’t tell you how far away the Top is. I know 1 thing for sure, as long as I keep reaching for the Top, it’s keeping me moving forward.

“I wake up each day knowing it’s a jungle out there. As the African Gazelle runs from the Lion, or the Lion takes chase to the Gazelle. Each morning they wake up knowing they might have to run, as it is part of survival.” -Goldie DeWitt


“If you look at your club brothers as competition, and you don’t see them as motivators and people that inspire you… I suggest you lay your colors down!” -#1 Goldie DeWitt

The only person you need to be in competition with is yourself! You need to challenge yourself to do better today than you did yesterday. You must set your pride to the side and allow yourself to learn from someone else, to find happiness in someone else‘s happiness!

You gotta know better, to do better!