About Us

What does “1DOWN” mean?

1 – A slang term that stands for ONE LOVE. Some people use it as a departure. When you speak to someone you’re close-to, or even a friend you would say “1”, before you get off the phone or when your leaving your friend or family.

DOWN – To be friends with someone or to spend time with them. To be in agreeance with someone or something. To stand strong for someone or something.

 Established October 29, 1996

1DOWN MC is a 111% law abiding motorcycle club. 1DOWN MC does not claim any territories nor do we have any affiliations with any other clubs. 1DOWN MC has love for all Motorcycle Clubs. 1DOWN MC has found an acceleration in popularity due to our staring role on a main stream hit television show “Sons of Anarchy.” Due to our clubs popularity, 1DOWN MC has been requested to appear at many different motorcycle club events & functions. Even though 1DOWN MC may appear at different motorcycle club events, we do not claim any association or affiliations with any other clubs. We take pride in being recognized as a law abiding motorcycle club and in no way at all do we want anyone misunderstanding anything about 1DOWN MC.

A little bit about the President & Founder:
After Goldie DeWitt bought his first Sport Bike, then a Harley Davidson soon after, he realized there were a lot of riders who rode both type bikes. Out of this premise, 1DOWN MC was born. Goldie understands that every rider shares a bond that goes beyond status, age, or the type of bike one rides. Because of this philosophy 1DOWN MC is not a club in the traditional sense. We are simply a bonded group of BMW, Harley Davidson, Street Bikes, & Chopper motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy an adventurous ride and an entertaining gathering.

1DOWN MC is officially recognized by the color Orange.

1DOWN Motorcycle Club is represented by the color ORANGE & BLACK. When you see that bright Orange coming up the street, just know it’s 1DOWN MC on it’s way. We are “THE ORANGE”. Orange represents Happiness, Creativity, & Determination. 1FF1 is our stamp. 1DOWN FOREVER FOREVER 1DOWN.