Our Objective

1DOWN Motorcycle Club is on a path to be 1 of Southern California’s Most RECOGNIZED & Most RESPECTED Motorcycle Clubs in the world. We take pride in keeping 1DOWN MC in good standing with everyone. We know the importance of paying respect forward.

We respect all clubs & we generate no hate. Making change for a brighter future for the entire motorcycle community is our goal. We look forward to seeing the growth in our Club Members & Family Members. We look for QUALITY not quantity, and we are in no rush. Our club is filled with members that Respect, Honor, & live for 1DOWN MOTORCYCLE CLUB.

Yes, we are known world wide, but we 1DOWN MC is and will forever be 1Club 1Chapter located right her in Southern California. We’ve learned from other clubs mistakes over the past 50 years and now it’s time for 1DOWN MC to step to the front and show the world what we can do. We don’t need to take anything from anybody to get where we’re going. All we plan on doing is GIVING. Giving our dedication, loyalty, & respect to our motorcycle club, & club brothers.


We are recognized as a safe riding club. We do not “stunt” and we do not support the act of stunting in areas where it is not properly & legally permitted. We respect riders that stunt for the sport of it and do it in controlled environments, but we frown upon riders that break the law and give a bad name to bikers by “stunting” on the freeway, residential streets, and any place that is not permitted to do this act, putting themselves and by-standers in risk of harm, even death.

1DOWN Entertainment was Founded in 1996. 1DOWN MC was founded in 2006. Over the past 23 years, 1DOWN has been a trusted name through out Southern California, the United States & the United Kingdom. We ride with “old school” structure, respect for the road & our fellow brothers. When on the freeways and City streets, we always ride “Staggered“.

We have respect for the California Highway Patrol and our local Police Departments. We take great pride in keeping a courteous relationship with all law enforcement. Safety is very important to 1DOWN MC. Education is key and we strongly advise everyone to view our video the 10 Rules for Dealing with Police.

Since the introduction of 1DOWN MC to the motorcycle community, we’ve already seen several clubs a few years older than us, make changes to how they operate & ride based on what they’ve learned & taken in from us. We are very please to see the positive impact we are having on the motorcycle community.