Ride In Paradise

Dear Prospect
Today is the day you will be laid to rest,
But you know what they say,
God only takes the best.
Everything happens for a reason, 
Even if we may not agree.
Just promise to look after us,
And if you can,
Save a spot up there for me. 
The thought of never seeing you again brings tears to my eyes,
And even more so, 
Because all of this was such a surprise. 
But we should never question what God has planned, 
Sometimes it’s not meant for us to understand.
So as we sit here and mourn the loss of a beloved brother,
We have to keep telling ourselves that we will meet again.
Love you brother,
Goldie and the entire 1DOWN MC

2 thoughts on “Ride In Paradise”

  1. Sorry for your club’s loss! Beautiful poem!!! May God bless and keep you and your club members safe!!!

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