Mayans TV show

I just wanted to share a few words with the fans & new fans coming to the show. I ask that everyone please SHARE this, copy & paste it everywhere! Please spread the word.

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  1. Just finished episode 8 like the show watched from beginning tell friends about it but to hard to catch up with a show like this,if your doing a second season you should do like marathons of the show in order, between seasons people can watch it all in short period of time and you can get new viewers i did not watch Sons of Anarchy because I didn’t watch from the start.And 1 thing that is annoying to me and a couple friends,is the Audio of the show only show i watch that I have to keep remote in hand to turn channel volume up or down voices are low then change scene need to turn down then back up ,we all have same problem different houses and tv ANNOYING

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