Say No to ignorance


I want everyone to know you are seeing a lot of racist ignorance flooding the media but do not fall for it, do not believe everything you see.

This shit is being strategically placed in front of you for one reason and that reason is to divide us all.

The people I associate with in my personal life, club life, and family life are not racist, but leave it up to the media they paint a picture that everyone is racist; this is not true.

I am proud to have built the strongest relationship ever built with a certain motorcycle club that was never known to have a strong friendship with no club. My club is majority black, and their club is majority Mexican but when it comes to honor, loyalty, respect, participation, love, support, and brotherhood there is no color. It’s about being a man that can be trusted and trust is the foundation of this MC lifestyle. You gotta have Trust and you must show Respect. I speak on this because this friendship with them has shown me face to face that everything can be worked out. Miscommunication of differences can be brought to the table between people with different color skins to enlighten each other and share new things to bring us closer together. Why? Because truly we really have so much more in common with each other than differences. It really tripped me out when I first started coming around them. I would tell my club Brothers while at this other clubs event “close your eyes, just listen to the music, feel the vibe, and the energy.” You’d never expect to open your eyes and be surrounded by hundreds of Mexicans smiling grooving and dancing to rap, r&b, oldies, and a Mexican DJ putting it down harder than 98.9% of all the other motorcycle club events we’ve been to hosted by some awesome Black clubs. This is stuff that I’ve had the pleasure of living and experiencing so I don’t expect everyone to understand or believe me but trust me I speak the truth and I say it in print to give someone the opportunity to call me a liar on a public platform.

So do I think racism is alive? I think ignorance is really what it is. If I was someone who was racist against Black people I would be full fledged to the fullest. I would not have no black friends, I would not support any professional sports team with black people, I would not buy anything from a black owned business, etc. But on the other hand you see some ignorant people who so called speak ignorant against Black people but supporting them, riding their dick in sports, listening to rap & r&b, etc. He or she is not a racist, he or she is just hurting from something deep and pointing the finger at something that is easy to blame for their pains.

I have a White Wife. I mean SUPER White in every way. Why she got with me? Opposites attract. I know it was because of the man I am inside and not cause I was Black. If it was because I was black she still got options out there, but because it’s only 1 me for the man I am, the choices end with me.

I have White friends that love black people.
I have Mexican friends that love black people.
I have Black friends that hate ignorant black people but love black people.

Yup, BLACK people are truly our worst own enemies. No other race today is killing more blacks than black people and that’s a fact! So how do we fix this? We simply have to step back, put our weapons down and pick up some books, learning tools and teach each other how to love and pay it forward. The Government will always do everything they can to prevent Blacks from having any positive influence over the world. Blacks are the smallest race of people in the United States of America but have the biggest influence on marketing, advertising, and selling of goods. So as long as the government keeps blacks brain washed that they are weak, thugs, hopeless father’s, etc they will forever have complete control over the black man until they intimately wash them off this planet as they did to the Indians.

I am a strong positive educated black man because I want to be, not because someone forced me to be. There are many more men out there like me but maybe too scared to speak up and step up. I am only speaking up to enlighten all colors of people to step up and make a difference for yourself and the next man. Help bring us together and not be a tool in bringing a wedge between us.

Wishing all of you the best.

Goldie DeWitt


5 thoughts on “Say No to ignorance”

  1. Like wise I enjoy all happy people of all Nationality but Most of my Great friends r Mexican and I’m Black so with that being said I can dislike a person just because of their who they r not their race when I need help from a Fake man crossing the line and he was black Out all the people around the Mexican men help so from that day on I meet everyone and I enjoy I have no problem with white people but it not many of them around so with that being said I Salute to any that’s willing not to be ingnorant that part 💋

  2. beautiful and true

    From a white guy that doesn’t know you.

    I was watching your YouTube on the K1600B and found the link to this website.

  3. Very well stated and to the point. I too found you via YouTube when checking your post on the K1600B (Bad Ass). I’m a white guy that also doesn’t know you but from reading your posts I respect you as a man, color is only skin deep. Keep up the good work and maybe someday our paths will cross as I’m in the area often.

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