Showing Love

Showing love to my RIVERSIDE homeless. Her name is ROSE. She been homeless in the streets since 1989. She was born May 3, 1960. She said she aint laughed and smiled in many years!! We put some food and drink in her belly and gave her a new bandana. She bathes in the river and lives at the river bottom. She makes money from Flying. Flying is holding up a homeless sign asking for money. She hates the police. She said Donald Trump is ugly. She said todays young ladies is some HOE’S. She’s a funny woman. She’s been through a lot.

BE BLESSED OF THE LIFE “YOU” LIVE!!!! Some people got dealt a different set of cards…

One thought on “Showing Love”

  1. I live in Australia and their is no decent clubs to ride with i aint down to ride with nikey bikys that enjoy to ride and be a brother hood love what you boys sux that im not over their or club over here

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