You looking for Brotherhood?

Today we had a good day. What’s a good day? Coming together is the first part. The 2nd part is enjoying each other’s company no matter what you doing or where you at.
A Motorcycle Club is NOT what you think. It’s NOTHING of what you think it is. You looking for Brotherhood? That’s the tricky part. If you not a good brother then you will not find Brotherhood in a club. Meaning you will not fit. Meaning the club will not spoil you. The club will not give you what you not willing to give back. Everything you looking for in a club, you must be willing to contribute to the club. The club needs your participation, your dedication, your loyalty, your donations, your respect, and everything you can give it and continue to do it over and over again without complaining about anything. It’s a repetitive lifestyle of doing the same thing over & over again. You looking for Brotherhood? You might be looking for it, but I don’t think most people really know what it is. It’s deep, it’s serious, it’s a relationship. It’s so serious of a relationship that 99% of ALL females dating a biker eventually get her feelings hurt with the relationship that’s built between her man and his club. The relationship when it’s TRUE & SOLID between a Patch Holder & his club brother, and his club is everything of a actual relationship between 2 men NOT including sex. This is a relationship between men built on the same principles and values you have within your dating relationship you have with your significant other. You will hear these men say “I love you”, See you soon, pay for each other’s meal, help each other in many ways, and hug each other more times in 1 day than he would hug his woman. This is NO lifestyle for a jealous insecure woman! You looking for Brotherhood? You won’t find it if you a weak, pussy whipped, fuck boy! You everything NO club want’s in their club. You looking for something you not even about. You not about Brotherhood, you about looking for your next relationship with any chick that shows you attention. You got dumped by your chick so now you wanna put your chest out and join a Motorcycle Club. FUCK NO!!! Get your bitch ass away from 1DOWN MC or any MC. You a waste of time, cause the moment your sorry weak ass stumbles across another chick, you gonna play LEAP FROG and now all your focus is on some chick. So, you thought you was looking for Brotherhood, but in reality you was looking for a relationship replacement until you get into another relationship with another chick.
Creating a TRUE BROTHERHOOD with real men is not easy. Each man must be an ALPHA MALE. This lifestyle is nothing for weak fake, spoiled, momma’s boy, or stubborn mutherfuckers with fucked up disrespectful attitudes. You must be well balanced and have your shit together. Your personal life, your work life, your club life must have equal balance and if you not willing to prioritize your club life as #1, then this is NOT for you. Yes, your kids & wife are priority but I’m just keeping it real, THE CLUB will challenge your household. The key is YOU must learn how to create the perfect balance. FACT: Even when you find the perfect balance, shit will still be fucked up. So, you looking for Brotherhood? SSSSHHHIIIEEETT!!!!
When you look at the men of 1DOWN MC you looking at men who fight/argue & defend their NEED to be in a very unique Motorcycle Club. Who do they fight? Their Wives, Girlfriends, and maybe some weak mutherfuckers who failed at being strong enough to continue being a Patch Holder in 1DOWN MC.
I want to say Thank you to all the members in my club and wish them all continued love, strength, and loyalty. I pray that they all keep a good balance and stay strong through out the storms.
I run a Zero Tolerance Program with 1DOWN MC and unlike other clubs I do not allow any contact between active members and ex-members. I don’t recognize ex-members.
Much love and respect and Thank you for reading.

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  1. My name is Daeshin CARTER and I’m from Milwaukee Wisconsin and I’m interested in joining your guy’s mc.

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