Patch Holders

PATCH HOLDERS::: You will ALWAYS need to prove your Loyalty to the club. Never think you’ve done your part. Never think you don’t have to do something anymore. Never think your years in the club should speak for it’s self. NEVER GET COMFORTABLE.
This is a lifestyle that was created way before MOST of you were born. This lifestyle IS a up-hill battle. This lifestyle requires you to always show Respect, Prove your Loyalty, Be involved, Participate, and show your love.
Just cause you been in the club for YEARS, don’t mean you can kick back now. You a veteran now. You old school. You someone people should look up to. So that means people watching you, people looking at your habits for guidance and if you showing signs of laziness, non participation, stubbornness, then you setting a bad example for the Hangarounds, Prospects, & New Members. Your YEARS in the club need to show leadership, loyalty, brotherhood, growth, maturity, and the willingness to teach and carry on club traditions and values.
You Retired? Just cause you retired, but you still come around don’t mean shit ain’t got nothing to do with you when shit get’s real. If you retired and you ain’t down with the get down, then don’t bring yo ass around!! Matter of fact, if you retired and you still wanna come around and act active, then why did you retire?! All I’m saying is don’t ACT active if you retired. I guess that would be the clubs fault if that’s happening right..
All clubs have their own uniqueness about them that attracts a certain type of person to them. This is what makes each club have their own flavor to sooth each persons appetite in what they seek in a club. But the general rules & regulations are pretty much the same adapted into each club. Sometimes things get a little watered down when someone fucks up and start doing favors for a member that are outside of traditional rules & regulations. That’s where the fuckery starts and that favor should have never been granted. Stick to your by-laws.
Being in a Motorcycle Club is nothing for the weak. If you a dude that’s weak on females, then you gonna be a bitch ass member and soon be out the club. If you a dude that has a job that consumes your life, then you gonna soon be out the club. If you a dude that was single when you got in the club acting hard, but the moment you got a girlfriend you turned into a straight up bitch, you will soon be out the club. Being in a REAL DEAL motorcycle club is for REAL DEAL MEN.
Take this how ever you want to. I’m speaking as a man with many years of experience and being active with REAL DEAL MC’S that have groomed me, and in some cases I’ve groomed them.
TIGHTEN UP PEOPLE. Yes there is strength in numbers, but rapid growth will always result in a pulled muscle.
Much love & respect to all,

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