Hard work

12919731_978694448880066_8538791440964506856_n1DOWN MC …. Sunday Funday.
“What you see is hard fucking work. This shit ain’t easy but we make it look easy.”

FUCK YOUR EXCUSES!! You in a motorcycle club! Your life is not only yours anymore. This shit ain’t for everyone. You do what we do, when we do it, how we do it. If you can’t get down with that then this ain’t for you.

We a motorcycle club, not a crew, not a group, not a gang.

This 1DOWN PROGRAM is nothing typical and nothing to be easily understood. We do us and we show love to those that show us love.

Club life is demanding. Club life is something those involved can’t explain but it’s something that means a lot to us.

RESPECT is the key word.


One thought on “Hard work”

  1. We just shaw your so called motorcycle club on Venice and La Brea. You woke up my toddler by excessively reving your engine like a bunch of idiots and cutting us off. Thank you for your message of respect and by the way your just assholes.

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