No Matter..

No matter what motorcycle club you in, people gonna hate.

No matter how much love you got for your club, someone else loves it more.

No matter how many miles you ride, it does not make you a loyal member to your club.

No matter how many times you argue with your chick about your motorcycle club, she will never understand.

No matter how many times you check your club brother, he just gonna be that way until it bites him in the ass.

No matter how many other brothers she dated from the club, you still not the one. She’s in love with the club, not you!

No matter how tough you look with your bad attitude. That cool, kind looking guy in your club has more loyalty, respect, and club participation.

No matter what your club does for fellowship, you should show up and participate. It’s not about you, it’s about the brotherhood.

No matter what another club is doing or not doing. Fuck them and keep your focus on your own club.

No matter how many people you have in your club or you don’t have in your club. What matters is having people in your club for the right reason.

No matter how tough you are, there’s a fool out there that will kill you.

No matter what, don’t trust that bitch.

“My name is Goldie, President/Founder of 1DOWN MC and these are just a few of my random thoughts.”

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