Here’s a Sneak Peek

10556504_924376304311881_4495536559499845742_nSome people can’t live with taking orders, being told what to do, and how something should be done. Those are the people who are not fit for 1DOWN MC. I congratulate all my active members in my club and I look forward to sharing many happy, fun, successful years with each one of them. But unfortunately the moment they FAIL the club and they OUT, I erase everything about them as if I never met them before.

No matter if it’s 1DOWN MC or any other club that MATTERS, you will be subjected to a life change, and adaptation of rules and boundaries. So don’t get shit twisted. Don’t join a club just cause you wanna ride with them. Join a club cause you want to be part of the MOVEMENT!!

BELOW IS A TEXT MSG I JUST SENT OUT TO MY GUYS. Giving you a sneak peek on how I communicate with my guys. They all know you only got 1 choice. “GET DOWN or LAY DOWN”.


Good afternoon Brothers. Just doing my job and asking that you be prepared for tomorrow with everything you responsible for. All donations in full, showing up early. Only 501 jeans are to be worn tomorrow, creased. Clean boots, orange shirt. Face groomed clean shaved & trimmed, feeling good looking good. This is 1DOWN MC this is what we do and how we represent ourselves. Not just on mandatory but everytime we meet up as a club. You must accept this as 1DOWN standard and know that I expect nothing less than what I ask for. You have the tools for everything mentioned above. So use them. Proud to have you with us. Welcome to 1DOWN MC in 2016. Please reply now. Respect. #1 GOLDIE


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