20 Years Strong 1DOWN

2010-02-039514.59.53-195edit0Great Sunday Funday with my brothers. 1DOWN MC keeping life fun. Sharing, Teaching, Embracing, is part of what makes these colors Orange & Black something special. We don’t compare ourselves no one, we don’t judge, and we stay in our lane. Fun, positive, and full of joy is the energy I like seeing represented from my club and each member. Thank you to each person out there that has been kind to us, partied with us, embraced us, and spent some time to fellowship with us. We take nothing for granted and we appreciate those that honored us the opportunity to make some great memories through out 2015.

Special thanks to the 1 and only Black & White Nation for allowing us to take part is some fun fantastic great wonderful times through out the entire year!

Today was my clubs last Sunday funday of 2015. Today marks the 52nd Sunday we met up this year! Next year is a leap year so we get one extra day to fellowship together. Sweet!

1DOWN MC we celebrate through out this entire upcoming year in honor of its 20 years celebration!

1996-2016 20 YEARS OF STRUGGLE & FUN!

October 29, 2016 is our birthday.

I’ve seen many faces come & go over the past 20 years but what’s most important is that each one of them applied some part in pushing the big 1DOWN wheel forward. Their contributions were appreciated at the time but unfortunately just a faided memory of the past, a chapter in their lives. But for me, it’s been a 20 year lifestyle, a 20 year struggle, and most of all 20 years of fun!

I regret not one day, not 1 lesson, because everything that happened added up to get me here where I am today. The only regrets would come from those that failed, those that gave up, those that didn’t stand behind 1DOWN FOREVER FOREVER 1DOWN.

I’m not going anywhere. I am 1DOWN for the rest of my eternal life and spirit.


Be proud of yourself. There is no other club like 1DOWN MC in the world. Your struggle to be in this club is part of your Rite of Passage. Every movement comes with struggle, and every struggle has a story. Thank you for being part of the 1DOWN struggle. Never give up, I want you to be part of this story when they speak on us as they speak on the great Greek gods from thousands of years ago. This is 1DOWN and this is our story! #1

God bless us and those that love us.

Goldie DeWitt #1

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  1. Good to see ppl from the IE moving forward, creating a buzz in so many industries. The sky is the limit for this brotherhood. Keep up the positive work in 2016. Wish you guys the best!

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