Freedom….. Trapped….. Slave.

Good morning and happy Sunday funday. This morning I woke up with those words in my head and how they really effects me today and you.

I’m blessed to be a live and not in jail and I don’t take that for granted, but through out my day I seem to question my freedom asking myself am I really free? I don’t feel like it and I don’t think I’m supposed to feel free.

At 43 years old I’ve accomplished a lot and lucky and blessed that all 43 years have been lived out side of prison walls. I say this because those 43 years of freedom has its cage also. A community cage of still having to live by the rules of the street and your neighborhood enforced by your own peers. Your own people limiting your freedom of expression because of their own failures. Their failures limit you on being able to show your progress in fear of them acting out in a negative way of jealousy or hate or bitterness. So you find yourself feeling caged even though you free. Their is no freedom.

You can run you can hind you feel trapped in everything you do. You know the Internet aka World Wide Web is exactly what it claims to be. A huge Spider Web that entangled us all from day one. There is no escape. You, me, we forever TRAPPED in this Web that only continues to suck personal information from us every single day. Personal information, name, address, age, credit cards, phone nunbers, shopping habbits, travel routs, etc. It’s a huge collection of data on you, me, us that’s stored in the clouds by companies by the government. So yes I am sitting here in my body but a lot of my personal information is TRAPPED somewhere else. There is no escape.

I realize that I can’t stop working, moving forward, and I can’t relax. Fact is, I feel like a SLAVE cause in reality I am a modern day slave. A slave to everything I want and need. I’m a slave to Harley Davidson company, keeping them in business by buying their products. I am also slave to Levi’s jeans, Puma, Nivea lotion, Cheese Cake Factory, Automobile makers, etc. You are a slave to everything you want and need. I am Self Employed and I make a 111% LEGIT living and this makes me a slave to my own production. We will all be slaves till we die.

Okay well I tried to express this the best I could. I’m running late. So I better get going. Gotta meet up with my motorcycle club at 11am. A slave to my club, limited freedom, and trapped in a certain way.

BUT HEY THIS IS THE LIFE WE LIVE, SO WE MAKE THE BEST OF IT. I’m not complaining, just having a reality check on WHAT I REALLY DON’T HAVE!!!!!!!

God bless us all,


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