52 Sundays a Year

1DOWN SUNDAY FUNDAY living the Harley Davidson Dyna Life!! DYNA DYNA DYNA….. the 1DOWN signature club motorcycle.

Outside of everything we do, we still meet up 52 Sundays a year at 11am to fellowship. No matter if it’s hitting the road to go to a event, or go eat, or hit a movie, or go eat, or maybe even go eat somewhere. The joy of being around your 1DOWN club brothers is why we do what we do. **We eat a lot 🙂

I train my guys to be positive and to pay respect forward. We stick to ourselves for the most part. We hold our own and we stay out of the BS.

1DOWN MC is a all MAN club ONLY. We love to have fun and we take pride in knowing that we’ve paid our dues to get where we at and earned the right to be where we at.

What another club does and how they do it, is nothing of our concern. We stay focused on what we need to do to continue staying on our path of excellence. Excellence meaning positive and out of trouble.

1DOWN MC is and will always be 1 CLUB 1 CHAPTER out of Southern California and with what we’ve done, we’ve managed to be recognized world wide. That’s a beautiful thing when your club name has traveled across the world from positive actions. This is something I am very honored of as President and Founder and this is why I make it a point to do my best to only Patch In a certain type of man, a man that can also see 1DOWN as something like a religion and not just a motorcycle club. You have to be able to eventually do things the 1DOWN way, and understand how speak and understand our very own language.

We depend on ourselves, we feed ourselves, we provide for ourselves. We are a private club and we operate and function from the book of the old school MC traditions.

We are 1DOWN MC and if I didn’t speak on something you wanted to know, then respect the fact that it’s none of your business.

What you hear about us is mostly true, but most of it is exaggerated and most of that is a lie. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday, we sure did.


3 thoughts on “52 Sundays a Year”

  1. Hey goldie do you remember kimberly mcmillan you lived across the street from her when you guys were kids she said

  2. Greetings,

    I met a few you cats at Friday’s in at Victoria Gardens a while back. You seem to be a good group of fellas. You were respectful, not loud or obnoxious like some others I won’t name. That being said, I have a question. I ride a Yamaha raider and wanted to know if your organization allows non members and/or non Harley riders to go on a “test ride” with your group? I’ve been riding for about a year now, but have never experienced riding in a structured group. Thanks

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