A TRUE “Property of”

1DOWN MC SUNDAY FUNDAY. Love my Brothers. Much love & Respect to all clubs. Much love & respect to all PROPERTY OF from all clubs. A TRUE “Property of” woman loves her man for loving his club.

This pic represents BROTHERHOOD. If a man in a MC is dating a woman that has a problem with what this picture represents, then unfortunately she’s not the 1. You need a woman who enjoys seeing you doing something that makes YOU happy. She needs to respect your private time with your club and understand that there are things that she will never be privileged to See, Hear, or Attend, with no questions asked. She must stay in her lane. She must respect the lifestyle. She must, or she must go. A man in a MC is living a lifestyle that he must RESPECT and conduct himself in a certain way.

Being a PROPERTY OF isn’t for everyone, but neither is being in a real deal official motorcycle club. BUT when the 2 of these people meet and make that commitment to share the MC lifestyle together with her knowing and respecting the rules, it’s a beautiful thing! These couples bring the magic and they show us all that if they can do it, it can be done, and yes, it’s hard work. But as they say, nothing good comes easy. I say these words painting the image of a certain couple I know that I have MAD SUPER DUPER RESPECT & LOVE FOR!!! If you travel within the same circle I do, I’m sure you know exactly who I’m talking about without me having to mention their names.

So if she happens to read this, I want you to know that YES I’m talking about you and your husband! I wanna commend you on all that you do for him as a Wife, a partner, a best friend, and also all that you do for the Club and maintaining balance to be a mom, a grandmother a role model to other Property of’s, and still run your business & go to the gym!! Last but not least, this heavy heavy situation that is now over and you was there by his side day & night through thick & thin!! I can’t speak for no man, but I know he needed you and appreciates you more than you know!

I’m just on the sideline watching, but I do my best to pay attention to everything. Your efforts in all that you do are recognized, appreciated, and respected by me.

I didn’t make it to the wedding, but if you two ever “Renew Your Vows” I’d love to be there! Much love & respect to the both of you! -Goldie DeWitt

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