Motorcycle Club Life

“I live it. I dedicate my life to it. I make time for it.” -Goldie

“You fake it. You not committed to it. You make excuses making no time for it.” -You know someone who fits this? is it you?

THIS LIFESTYLE is not for the fake or weak. This lifestyle will squeeze out the MAN in you, or the BITCH in you. Best believe you will get squeezed! And just like football, it’s not about the hit, it’s about how quick you get right back up!

I am a 111% leader that takes pride in learning how things should be done from the teachings oh those that matter. This lifestyle has no room for mistakes and you can not UN-DO a fuck up! So with that being said you must ultimately become a perfectionist at what you do!

I’ve learned a lot more about myself and Who matters and What matters since I’ve dedicated myself to this lifestyle. I can tell you, but it wouldn’t matter, cause in this lifestyle actions speak louder than words.

I lead by example. I believe a good leader is a leader who gets DOWN in the trenches. I built 1DOWN from the ground up 18 years ago and I’ve been through some fucked up shit dealing with some sorry ass weak punk bitch mutherfuckers, but I never let anyone get in my way of moving 1DOWN forward year after year becoming bigger and stronger!

I am as SOLID as a man can be! I am proud to say this cause I have worked hard for it and I know this will be a continuous struggle for the rest of my life cause in this lifestyle you can never get comfortable if you wanna survive.

I respect those that show me the same respect I show them. I function with those that got their shit together. I function with those that hold a high level of respect for themselves. I function with those that see the potential in what I have to offer and appreciate what i have to offer. If i don’t function with you, there’s a reason for it.

I make no excuses and i don’t accept excuses. This lifestyle is something you have to reach for and you will always and forever have to make adjustments and modifications in your personal life to work around your club life. Say what you want, but ultimately CLUB LIFE comes first.

This past 3 days were filled with personal life, business life, and club life and when all said and done, it’s everything I signed up for and it always works out if you are a responsible organized person. I’m not allowed to get tired.

Just last:
FRIDAY night, went to a wedding with my Wife then After that I had to drop my wife off then catch up with my motorcycle club.

SATURDAY night went to a wrap party for Sons of Anarchy.

SUNDAY morning went to Save The Patch event with my Motorcycle club that lasted throughout the day and night.

So you best believe I have no room for any man’s excuse. I have told grown men to their face “FUCK YOUR EXCUSE!” When you speak from the heart against someone who speaks from a lie, they know at that moment they looking at your soul and passion of what you represent and trust me, they know how real shit is.

I love this lifestyle cause it allows me to fellowship with some good people and provide a brotherhood and family for those looking to share the same HABBITS we provide here in 1DOWN MC.

I AM SOLID TO THOSE I FELLOWSHIP WITH. Like I said, in this lifestyle actions speak louder than words.

I don’t give fuck if you are White, Black, Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern, or what ever. RESPECT has no color line and the foundation of what this lifestyle is built on is RESPECT.

1DOWN MC code of honor is something that’s recognized from head to toe on how we conduct ourselves and represent ourselves.

Thank you for reading… thank you for your continued love and support and friendship.

Love respect,


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