It Takes Effort

It takes effort, and pride to be 1DOWN to be me.

I don’t half step in what I do and what i represent. The same efforts and energy I put into getting ready for today, I stand ready looking forward to tomorrow.

I come from the Deion Sanders era when “You look good, you Play good!” I was never a fan of any team, but I was a fan to certain players.

I represent myself to the best I can with Class & Respect as in relation to how I want people to see my motorcycle club and what we represent.
I’m proud of who I am and who I am becoming. I say this because I’m still growing and learning. I’m still perfecting my Craft and i will be doing this every day of my life.

Why do I crease my jeans? Let’s just say they resemble my daily grind and struggle. No matter how wrinkle my jeans get today, I’m back tomorrow standing strong and solid with no effects from yesterday!

Today on this beautiful 1DOWN Sunday Funday I hope something sparks some fire in yo ass to make a change and do something to make a difference for the better in your life. Don’t be afraid to reach higher, even if you have to let go of some dead weight.

Goldie DeWitt

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