It’s a Positive Lifestyle

Such a privileged lifestyle to be able to fellowship with a bunch of other men that share the same interests as you do.

If only people really knew what type of positive impact being in a motorcycle club has. I can only speak for myself and my club. Being in a motorcycle club has definitely taught me a lot. It’s also had a direct impact on me making sure I live a positive mistake free life and staying clear of situations and people that I would classify as trouble. How you live your life in the MC lifestyle directly determines what type of response you will get from the MC community. If you looking for trouble you gonna find it. No different than the civilian lifestyle. You gotta live legit. You gotta show respect. You gotta know the rules. Everyone has rules. Even Police have rules they should conduct themselves within. Rules are supposed to help keep things within a certain boundary, but unfortunately when those rules are broken that’s when the issue comes in to play. But the back up system to that is following the proper protocol in Chain of Command and reaching out to the proper people on each side. Everything can and supposed to be talked about, understood, and worked out. When something big and unfortunate happens, it’s usually a horrible misunderstanding or just maybe done by someone who made a horrible life changing mistake and in some cases the club didn’t support or wasn’t aware of that persons actions. Mistakes happen but unfortunately those mistakes sometimes take lives and that’s when a open wound is sitting unhealed. This is when the lifestyle for some can be at its most challenging and this is when the Brotherhood of the club can have its most healing positive forgiving impact. We inject our own counseling, group talk, and positive influe. We are all we got.

No club wants beef. No club wants war. YES some clubs have had issues. Yes some clubs have made major modifications on how they operate and conduct themselves all in hopes of cleaning up their name and reputation. All for the better and all for good intentions. I personally find that something to respect and I tip my hat to them.

We are motorcycle riders and members in motorcycle clubs and we enjoy life just like everyone else. We are hard working citizens, business owners, fathers, brothers, husbands, but 1 thing we are not is a Gang.

Please never respond to someone in a motorcycle club as a gang member or a motorcycle gang. It’s very disappointing to see that you have been brain washed by social media and news propaganda.

We are and will forever be MOTORCYCLE CLUBS.

Thank you for reading.

Goldie DeWitt

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