Stay Ready So You Don’t Have To Get Ready

Since 1996 1DOWN has been holding strong. Next year will mark 20 years!! What a remarkable feeling & accomplishment. The greatest reward from it all is knowing I never gave up! Through the UPS & DOWNS I held on tight cause I knew in my heart 1DOWN was more than just a business I started, it was also a spiritual journey that would be healthy for me and most of all, save my life & keep me out of jail. 1DOWN is home to Adult Entertainment, a respected Motorcycle Shop, and a Motorcycle Club recognized Worldwide!! I had no idea this was in store for me when I started 1DOWN, but in my heart from day 1 I knew I wanted to build a EMPIRE!

I’m not done. I’ve created and developed a strong foundation so now I must continue to reinvent myself & the 1DOWN brand. I will never get comfortable and I will always be a bit uneasy and on the go and for some people a little hard to understand. It’s not something I intentionally do, it’s just my natural reaction to life. This is part of what makes me & 1DOWN something special.

I like people, but of course I don’t trust all people. In this lifestyle I live I must “be a certain way” and this has been something that started to develop in me as a kid. Most people that have a long time success in something is because shinning is something they been doing since a kid and over time it’s become something natural for them and they’ve learn how to protect what they got and appreciate what they have and not let it get to their head. But, for those that stumble into the instant limelight of success, it’s short lived because they have no clue on how to deal with it and it’s something they don’t appreciate and ultimately it’s a short run cause there was no natural formal training from the root so it’s a short trip from the Hood, to Hollywood, back to the Hood.

I’m just about Self Taught in everything I do. Computers, Photography, Videography, Editing, Graphic art design, Politics, History, amongst other stuff that I’d like to remain confidential. I’m not knocking school or college, but I seem to learn more through my own learning methods than the American school system can teach me, and I’ve been able to directly apply my learnings to what project I was working on to be successful in accomplishing completion for direct compensation to me without any pending school fees. Making my potential for profit, higher!

When I was lucky enough to get the gig on Sons of Anarchy I had no idea I would be connected to the show for 6 years until the final season. I was no actor, but you bet your ass I took it serious. I knew I was just the man, next to the man, next to the man, with no speaking roles, but that showed potential for something greater. I never took no acting classes, but I did some private classes with just me and my bathroom mirror from time to time. Nobody knew this. Why? Just in case I was put on the spot. Just in case more was asked from me. It never happened, but you bet your ass, I was ready.

So why did I share that info about the Sons of Anarchy? I don’t know, maybe because it’s a peek into my private life that I wanted to share with you to help you understand the importance of Self Teaching and staying ready. You never know who’s watching you or who feels you just might have the potential to do something bigger than what you been doing, and if your name is ever called, I want you to be ready to bring more than what they expected cause that’s what’s gonna be needed for you to seal the deal.


Much love & respect to everyone,

Goldie DeWitt

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  1. What you have written is related to alot of men and women. As for me I hear bits and pieces of me in this wtite up! Thanks!

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