His identity is born to begin his LIFESTYLE without hesitation or reservation.  He wears his Orange & Black with pride. He maintains balance, while supporting the 1DOWN Movement while he remains at the ready without compromise.

The lifestyle of 111%ER is appointed once & earned daily. His focus is SOLID and never surrenders to excuses or mistakes.  He stays hungry in search for growth, knowledge and success. A 111%ER is never comfortable; it’s not in his vocabulary or an option.  A 111%ER continues to be proactive, living right and always striving to better himself as a man is mandatory.

I am that 111%er….

YOU have to know ONE to BE ONE.

3 thoughts on “111%ER”

    1. Honored to have him living the lifestyle of the Orange & Black. He’s a SOLID man that always gives his best!

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