Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 12

Well well…. The day so many people wished for, gambled on, and never thought would happen, has finally happened. “Gemma Teller” was murdered by her very own son, Jax Teller. Shot her close range in the back of the head with a .45 caliber.

It was a very emotional scene. NO, I didn’t cry, but I would assume lots of people cried. Maybe I didn’t feel the emotional connection because I was more thinking “Dude, you came this far, just bust a cap in this bitch and bounce!” The emotional disconnection was done the moment you found out it was her who killed Tara, caused the death of his club brothers, & totally fucked up the entire MC.

Do you think you could have done what Jax did & kill your mom because of everything she did to you, your club, and brutally killing the mother of your kid the love of your life?
Do you think once he had her cornered, should he have given her a pass to escape?

Let’s hear it


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