Attention Motorcycle Club Members

You gotta realize what you did when you joined a Motorcycle Club. You made the conscious decision to join a organization with you having the upfront understanding that this lifestyle is very demanding and it will challenge your personal recreational time with family & friends.

Joining a Motorcycle Club is NOT something you run out and do just because you got a new bike, or just broke up with your chick, or you just got fired, or you’re just bored. Why? because the moment you get another job, or girlfriend, or crash your bike you will use those same excuses on why you can’t keep up with the club anymore. The reason these excuses can come so easy, is because you joined a club for all the wrong reasons.

What are the right reasons to join a Motorcycle Club? There are plenty :-).  You join a motorcycle club because you feel you have something to bring to that organization that will help strengthen them from the core, you feel a strong brotherhood bond from the club you have been hanging around and getting to know, you want to belong to that particular club and be recognized as a full patch member to that specific club because there are things about that club that fit you that you didn’t find in other clubs, and the lifestyle, commitment, & dedication to a organization is something you need in your life to help keep you balanced. Yes, there are others, but I don’t want to ramble on.

When you join a motorcycle club, your life changes. If your life does not change, you are not truly in your motorcycle club living the lifestyle and participating. Unfortunately you are setting yourself up for a short or long break up! You have to be hungry for this Lifestyle. You have to WANT to learn about it’s history and what everything means and why things are the way they are. This is really not an option if you are serious about it. Can you play football on a team and not know the plays? Hell no, you gotta learn the plays so you know your position and what’s expected from you.

As the President/Founder of 1DOWN MC when I speak to my motorcycle club, I speak to them all as men with respect and I don’t sugar coat shit. If 1 of my guys does something good, I complement him, if he does something not cool, I tell him where he needs to work on making that better, if he does something that needs correcting, you best believe I’m knee deep off in that ass cause our reputation is not messy and I take pride in keeping the name of 1DOWN MC clean, legit, & law abiding. So, with that being said, this is something potential members of motorcycle clubs need to take into consideration, is the fact that you are putting yourself in the position to have someone telling you what you can & can not do. Is it personal? No, it’s no difference than the rules of engagement in sports, or bi-laws at Work, or do’s and don’t of driving a motor vehicle. It’s the guidelines we live by & must respect to keep order and keep things moving forward.

If you are in a Motorcycle Club right now and you are not happy, you must address it in a cool respectful way. You must use the proper chain of command and bring your issue or situation to the table. You can not make it your own decision to just “pull back” and not communicate or show up and send excuse after excuse, when in the beginning you were that person who never had excuses and was always ready. So, what happen? Did you get a girlfriend, did you get a job, did you lose your job, did you lose your woman, did you lose your bike, did some chick get in your ear, did something scare you about the club? I can go on & on, but the bottom line is, you need to be a GROWN ASS MAN and address the issue at hand and MAN UP. If not, you open up a world of DISSENSION!!! Becoming a long battle of Difference of opinion; disagreement. This is a big NO-NO!! This is a very un-loyal way of representing yourself as a man. Makes you out to be a coward, a back-stabber, a fucking fake! So, you have to address the situation if you are a man of your word.

I must say, it’s very unfortunate that when someone leaves or gets kick out of a club, they can simply log onto facebook the next day and create a profile of a new motorcycle club and start sending out friend request with their new instant 1 day pop-up club. With no disrespect to any clubs out there, but if I could vote for a motorcycle club law, it would be that:
1) if anyone was kicked out of a club, they had to wait 1 year before they could even start to hang around another club.
2) if someone was kicked out of a club, they could not start a club, because it is creating a instant enemy.
3) new clubs can only be started every 5 years.

No need to respond with any attitude in regards to the laws I said I would vote on. It ain’t real, and it was just my opinion. Im sure there are a lot of people who will agree with me and some who will disagree, but just make sure you don’t come at me disrespectful if you choose to comment.

My entire reason for this is to bring this motorcycle club movement to peace, so we can all have fun. But in order for us to have peace, we must have understanding & direction and with direction comes Laws that need to be RESPECTED.

My name is Goldie DeWitt President/Founder of 1DOWN MC and if you have an interest in joining 1DOWN MC, please make it your last choice. Make sure you check with your local surrounding clubs or club first. We will always and Forever be 1CLUB 1CHAPTER so just know if you wanna GET DOWN with us, you will be making a serious change in your LIFESTYLE.

Much respect,


3 thoughts on “Attention Motorcycle Club Members”

  1. Right on Goldie. I agree with those rules and they need to be instituted on the Set. Peace Love and Respect to you and your club.

  2. I agree with those rules and I like it Goldie my respects to your club and what’s the first step to join the club sir? If it’s ok to ask here?

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