To All Females

This is to ALL FEMALES that date someone in a motorcycle club or about to start dating someone in a motorcycle club.

WARNING!! This lifestyle is not your typical relationship. If you are a jealous type chick, you need to find someone else cause there is nothing that man can do about other chicks finding an attraction to him because he’s in a motorcycle club. No different than you!

As that female dating a man in a motorcycle club, you need to stay focused on everything you need to learn to be in a successful relationship with a man in a motorcycle club. This lifestyle has serious rules & boundaries that can not be crossed or violated! We don’t accept apologies cause we live by code and now so do you!

As a woman dating a man in a motorcycle club you need to realize & accept that you are going to be taking on some duties that were not common to your past relationships, so understand you can not compare the two. This man has a relationship with his club and a obligation to his club. Like I said, if you are a jealous type chick, you need to find someone else, cause this man is already committed to someone, his club!

Yes, he really is in a relationship with his club believe it or not. The only thing he not doing is having sex with his club, but that’s the one thing that’s different between the club and you. Understand from the heart, his club means the world to him and I’m sure you mean a lot to him, but NEVER put him in the position of making a choice cause like I said, if the only thing you can offer is Sex, he can get that anywhere, but there’s only one 1DOWN MC.

As a female dating a man in a motorcycle club, you have 2 things you need to keep your mind focused on doing, and that’s it:

These are the Top 2 contaminations of a woman dating a man in a motorcycle club. #1- Your man should not be speaking club business to you at all!!!! But if he fucks up, and he does, you need to be smart enough to keep that shit to yourself and not speak it to anyone. #2,- You need to respect your man and keep your eyes from wondering around and giving someone the wrong impression, that somehow leads to you getting yourself in a real fucked up situation when you knew better!

IF YOU WANNA FUCK A MAN IN A MOTORCYCLE CLUB, JUST KEEP IT AT THAT AND KEEP IT PUSHING!!! We already know “We can’t turn a Hoe into a Housewife”, so don’t pump your brakes when you just passing through.



Sorry this might be a little over some of your heads, but I assume a large percentage of people on my profile are Motorcycle Club related, so I figure most of you will be able to relate to this. I wrote this to help the future of the MC lifestyle and females in the MC lifestyle.


Much love,


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  1. This is so real & very understandable, unless you from another planet, hoes go be hoes,
    * dont pump your breakes when you should be passing through*
    I love your advice on the mc lifestyle altho these women are cut throat, knowing they have been past around & through they make it difficult for all women with their hoe behavior who is not lookn for a relationship….
    #I’m Team Goldie all day every day#

    1. As a wife who’s mairraige was disrupted because of a motorcycle club I guess if the man wants to stay married he will abide by the wife’s rules. That’s all I have to say.

      A wife who’s marriage wasduaturbed by a motorcycle club

      1. I completely understand you.
        I was dating someone in a Motorcycle club and tried to be as understanding as I could but when they are giving 99% to the club and 1% to you…I was like no.
        I guess these type of guys need to find a biker girlfriend from their club.

        1. My husband has been in a support club for several years now and recently I told him he should step up to the 1% club, I won’t mention what mc, but I’m regretting it now. All of a sudden he’s different. He hasnt even started prospecting yet and has told me he doesn’t want me around anymore and that I’ve held him back from hanging out with his friends for years now because I always want to go with him and throw a fit when he says he wants guy time, mind you the only time he allows me out of the house is when he takes me out which is on the bike so understandably I cry if he says no because Im home with no less than six kids at a time until now and it’s three.

          I feel I should just let him be free. I shouldnt be treated lIke this after solely dedicating ten years to him. I haven’t even given that kind of affection to our children. Fucked up right, I’d say so..

          1. I feel ya girl. I’m a bit older now, four kids and almost just as many drama cycle relationships.
            Let me tell you something no one will. And it’s simple. All you have to do is except it. You dont even have to understand. That’s just the way it is …and I am low 52, still decent looking and I was a sexy hot momma in my days, and no one gave a 10 minute blow job like me . ( excuse me language)
            Women look for love and stability. Men of the steal horse dont have to look for anything, it just …comes…
            That being said. And to ALL the biker wenches. even the ones who ride themselves like “humble” me….:
            Period. Why do you want to change things? Change him? If you like drama , watch daytime TV. I’m sure Jerry Springer is still around.
            And as little as you would want to change your blowdryer into a frying pan , that’s how much you wouldn’t want to change your “Tattoo-Boo”/ dude.
            Just don’t!!!
            Be Happy! You should be! You are outdoors and on a motorcycle. The rest of everyone is glued to some freaking computer device!
            Btw. Loooove the road!!!
            Be excellent to each other!

          2. Hello, what advice do you have for a woman like me who’s boyfriend wants to prospect for an mc? We’ve been together for nearly 5 years and have a baby together. Thank you

          3. Oh, definitely. He’s not interested nor does he care enough about women to be respectful.

        2. So agree. My (soon to be ex, if he doesn’t wake up) just rejoined another “bike club” I say gang, due to FACTS -members r prev pagans/1%”s! Said wasn’t going to join again, sold bike. Then recently spent $18.000 on bike. Joined the new “club” back to same bs, lies, secrets. I love riding, brother, dad uncle all took me riding very young. I’m done be taken advantage of, I refuse to be last, that the BG/C comes before doing things with me!” been there, not again. I deserve the respect & genuine love. I ask to go riding (me n him) I get attitude. According to his “club” (B.S. lie of supposed “safety rules” no one riding in a “pack” can have passenger riders! Bull. Supposedly “last bad accident, a wife was passenger, and accident happened. I’m educated, have a degree in psychology & working on more degrees/goals. I value my love, respect, I’m smart & strong. I’m not able to be told to “stay in” whatever he goes “riding”. Especially if I already told him We needed us time tonight. He’s lucky he didn’t go & we had our dine out date.! Had long talk. He knows what I want need our over 7plus yrs relationship to continue. If not, then I won’t be wasting anymore of precious time of MY LIFE. I’ll move on, be happy find someone who wants me around. Loves to show me off, & meets my needs. Has same dreams. Treated fairly & Honest & KIND! Doesn’t need to feel like “hot shot” or put me down to make them feel more secure about their insecurities. Stand up women who deserve better, or keep kneeling for ur “master”

    2. Question off topic, my mc man and I fell apart after 4 yr.relationship..idk what to do, I have no one, I’m lonely. Where to get out and about and stay out of trouble.

    3. This is way off the subject. My brother is in a club and I started to date another member. He ended it because he said he didn’t want any disrespect brought to my brother or the club if things ended good or bad between us. I understand how most chicks are but I’m a rare breed I respect the club and if it ended bad I would just stay away. I have been through way to much shit in my life that I’m at the point now we do each other wrong I just walk away. I don’t know to approach the subject about changing his mind or even consider it. Or am I wasting my time? HELP! I reallly liked him.

    4. It’s all a 2 way street. He has a relationship with his club but ALSO needs to remember what he has at home. His woman is going to be there no matter what & will understand club shit is always serious. But he has to still know how to be a man to his woman & treat her how she needs to be treated. If he wants to be treated like a king, he needs to treat her like a queen. It takes 2 strong people to deal with this type of lifestyle. Believe that.

    1. I believe whole. Heartedly in the Motorcycle fam bam im a full time believer but in the case of REALITY sex is not the only thing a mate gives so men who DO have a Wife, girlfriend. Or significant other, they know that a REAL man knows what order his Wife Motorcycle club money food clothes, etc goes and believe that Hiz club is not the first in line. If it is then his destiny is to be ALONE, in life and death no truth to his friendships or lovers , JUST THE BIKE THE ROAD AND HIM. NOT LOVED BY FAMILY or FRIENDS CREATED BY HIM SIGNIFICANT OTHER the way God intended it to be. The world steps aside for a ryder that knows
      Where he is going, ya dig!!!!!

      1. It is the bike, the road, and me. You say that like it’s a bad thing. You’re wrong. My club and my Patch are numero uno Period. My lady knows this. Knew it coming in. She may not agree with or even understand all of it but she abides by it. She knows that property patch she wears so proudly is mine. Life in a motorcycle club, be it 1%er, MC, mom and pop, or whatever, is no different than anything else in life that you do. There are rules and responsibilities and if you fuck up you have consequences. This is the life I have chosen to live. Am I doing it alone, not hardly. Does my club and brothers get top billing yes they do but my lady gets hers too. You can please some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time but you just can’t please them all, all the time. Personally I don’t even try.

  2. Speak my brother speak!!! If u come in acting like a hoe u
    will surely be treated as one!!!!!
    This not a life is not. for the jealous women at all!!!

    1. I fell in love with a prospect things were good the light flipping a switch he was gone. Confused and forever in love with him

      1. Same happened to me. I think it may have been out of respect to you while he was prospecting. They have to give so much of themselves to the club. I bet he came back when he was done. Yes?

  3. Wow, a little forward but It’s true that staying out of club business can make life simpler. I’m dating a guy in a MC and I attend most meeting with him even though I’m not a member. I like being involved and knowing whats going on.
    As for not getting jealous. You get jealous of what you don’t have, I’m territorial. I understand the commitment to the club but other girls interested in my boyfriend will have to go through me first.
    Although put across in a quite straight forward manner I agree with most of whats been said.

  4. Women need to know their place period! The MC life is not a game and it is not one that you can just call your man out in public or flirt with whoever you want to. I for a while dated an MC President. Believe me, when I say you best learn and know your place! MC is not an RC, so yes it is Club, family, job period. Women that means you come second! You keep your mouth shut, keep your legs closed, no matter what your old man does, you don’t call him out in front of anyone. You wait until you are behind closed doors. Do not under any terms ask about club business. You are the property of. This means he owns your ass and you better not be sharing it with anyone else! You may think a smile to a man across the bar is no big deal, well honey it is. It is all about how one perceives it. Just because he is not there does not mean he won’t find out!! Nine times out of ten he knows before you ever walk into the bar you were in to start with. There are a lot of what I call biker rats or aka patch jumpers….well if you don’t want to be treated as a hoe then don’t act as one. As a female, you also need to be prepared for a male patch member to say something that will piss you off or what you might think is disrespectful. Here again, you keep your mouth shut period. If it is out of line, your old man will handle it. Your job is to look good on the back of his bike, make sure he is fed, do your wife or girlfriend duties at home, and once again know your place. Each club as different rules on what they expect from their property of’s. Learn them and do not forget them. Do not think a sister will not put you in your place if you step out of line with her man or else wise. As, far as being out and about, get use to other females wanting your man. It is part of the world we live in. There is a line and once it is crossed and you have permission then handle it. Meaning her ass and not his. Even if he started flirting with her, you keep that fight behind closed doors. Never and I mean never talk club business (which you should not even know) but if you do, don’t speak of it. This includes talking about members. Each club is different but my advice is know your place, close your legs, keep your mouth shut, and don’t be a patch jumper!

    1. How was dating the president different as far as how you needed to act? I get the whole “staying behind the scenes” and not acting out. But I figured that was a general concept. Is dating the president any different in how you act?

    2. Thats crazy u say patch jumpers. A friend of mine is a MC. He took me with him to a bar with his fellow mc’s and he points out this hoe looking chick that use to be his girlfriend and now someone else’s that’s apart of the same click. The girl looked like a straight thot. I felt so out of place but I kept quite and my thoughts to myself. I swear this man wants me to marry him and i haven’t been knowing him that long but he constently asking. I don’t know if this lifestyle for me. Im a church girl who don’t drink no drugs. And here I am discussing church with the President of the MC’s. But I automatically knew portocal when it was time to go. I conducted myself like a wife of a mc the entire night, u would’ve thought I was one, maybe I have in my past life. But I’ve been giving it thought of him but I just can’t see it. He’s sweet and kind to me. But I can’t leave Jesus.

      1. Girlfriend I was raised Southern Baptist, and loving a MC club member is no different then the rules you live by, coming from the Bible. Be submissive to your ole man.
        Don’t speak unless your spoken to. Bible says,”A women not to speak nor preach out in church, unless permission by her husband.
        Reply the rules you already know from the Bible, and it will all work out.

    3. I guess i better get out of this relationship, im his partner not his property. I been with him for five years just him and i. Now im 2nd place, i dont understand how he could expect me to change my views and lifestyle overnight, i didnt ask for this in my life, i love to ride , but i thought i had a family man, thought we would ride all over the country together , never expected to be thrown in a mc as an ol lady. I demand my respect. Im his or was his equal his partner, best friend. I need one man to have my back not 100, and to have someone dictate what me and my ol man can do is just unexceptable to me he chose them over me and it kills me. Im not beneath no man, im a lady, i have an opinion on things… Why would you want to be treated like that, who wants to be walking on egg shells all the time. I just got out of a abusive relationship where i had no voice, no opinion, no money, no friends i was a nothing . He controled my ever move. Then i find the man im with now and he showed me what love was really about. Held my hand and walked proudly side by side . Showed me how a women was supose to be treated. And then bam hes in a mc club and completly differnt. I cant go back to being nothing

      1. The mc clubs can be cancer to a relationship. It just seems unhealthy. Hopefully you are doing better. God Bless you!! It’s not healthy for a women.

      2. Find someone who is worthy of you, there are good men out there that don’t get brainwashed by testosterone and the need to feel like they are in control. Honestly, that to me is a weak man looking for an excuse to try to be a badass. I am so unattracted to my husband now and I can’t see this lasting much longer!

  5. WOW..i was already in love with Mc clubs but now I realy wish to join one,ya I’m not a man but I’ll make one hell of a prospect hhh…but I’ll be equally happy to be in a rs with a guy has that kind of loyalty n respect, any woman would kill to have such a man, I know I’ll 🙂

  6. Well my birthday is coming up. & my boyfriend will be spending time @ the MC club house,
    He just n RC tho… It’s on a Friday & I work on sat half a day… But I always feel left out.. The other girlfriends & wife go to club house more then me.. He only ask me go on sat… I would go on Friday but would have leave early… I feel like I’m alway left out or put on hold…

  7. I’m fairly new to my boyfriend and he is in a MC… I don’t know why but i fell hard and fast!!! I guess because I was in a shit relationship when he came in my life… I understand a lot of things because he has explained them to me and he is very sweet and funny and I feel safe and happy next to him and his MC try are all very awesome… My concern is… I am a Jelous woman… Not of what he HAS to do with his MC or things I can’t know… But of other girls that try to get with him… I’m sure there will be girls trying… I heard some of you say… It ain’t for jealous girls…. But I may be in love… What do I do?? I know you can’t choose for me… But can I get some advice???

    1. Girl, I’m not property yet nor have I ever been. But I know the rules. It’s not like a normal relationship. It’s weird but sexy at the same time. Jealousy will kill y’all relationship. No disrespect but I found out that jealousy is insecurity… Mixed with doubt.!!!! You have to discipline your emotions.
      FYI!!!! Tell him how you feel and ask questions about the things you need to know in private. If he knew that you were on here. This would be a problem and with bad consequences..
      Now look at it like this boo. Why are you jealous. Your the chosen one😊 ASSUME YOUR position and SMILE 😃 I hope this helps or at least encouraged you. Good luck!!!

  8. Hawg Ridin’ Fools M.C.nomad in club 38years.that should be in the bi-laws!from day one.and written w/respect. Got my vote.

  9. I need some advice ladies. I’m the type of woman who works just as hard as my man. We’ve been together for almost 4 years now. We are equals in no way shape or form do I think otherwise. He’s been hanging around with a club and will possibly be prospecting. I’m a little worried about those because I’m not sure if this is the life style I want for our family. I’ve put hard work and dedication and have been through hell and high water with this man. It’s always been our kid first then me as a priority. I don’t understand how it’s fair that I break my back for him and all of the sudden complete strangers before a priority. I will never be property of. The only person I belong to is myself. I am not a piece of property. We are supposed to be getting married next year. But I think I’ve just been traded in for the club life :/
    Is it really this bad? I thought we earned our rights as equals, and have been taught to have a voice and that men aren’t superior they are our equals. I don’t think being a “submissive ol lady” is the example I want to set for our daughter.

    1. If he prospects darling, he is owned by the club for at least 1 yr. He has to jump thru hoops at every beckon. Put on yer big girl panties if you are going to ride that ride.
      Lady Ryder

      1. Sounds like you guys should hold off on that wedding until he emerges from the prospect life! haha Have a proper celebration!

        1. No matter what never let a man hold superior over u. That’s why I told my friend who’s a mc that I wanted to take my time. We come from a man’s side as his equal. We’re not his mat nor his hat. U need to sit down and express to him how u feel but keep the conversation positive and focused on ur feelings. Example, you make me so happy but lately i feel like this… We are examples to our daughters. What would u do if a man treated her like… (give example on he treats you).
          This will keep the conversation in a positive flow and also help him to think.

      2. I have a question my husband is in a RC and they say they are pro family. So my husband encouraged me to get my motorcycle license and he would buy me a bike so we could ride together. Did I say that he’s the president of his chapter. So now the rest of the club said they voted on it and that I have to write in the middle separate from my husband. Why would a club any club ask for a husband to not ride with his wife or by his wife ? Actually isn’t that showing disrespect

        1. Its to keep you safe. Also your husband may be a certain rank, in which he needs to ride in a certain position. You need to learn all of this

        2. Typically there is a formation that they ride in and certain positions as well. Road captain, pres, VP, etc. It is not proper protocol for an ol’ lady to ride in a position of an officer. Just the fact that they voted to let you ride in the middle should be an honor.

    2. Already sounds like this is not a lifestyle for you. And as stated…..this isn’t for everyone….Thank God. So either get him away or plan on making adjustments you already don’t understand or start making plans for a future with someone else.

    3. Dear concerned fiance’,
      First of all let me tell you, being a “hang around” is just that you all are hanging around. Once he choses to Prospect that is when life gets different. The club if it isnt already it will become his life. If his heart is meant to in the club life there is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop him. The club that I have been in has a guideline and it is as follows, FAMILY, WORK, CLUB…. but with that being said if he is a true Brother the Club will be his family…. Its not always easy for us ole’ Ladies but i am here to tell you that it is absolutely amazing… Bc I have always seen it as not loosing my husband but gaining more brothers and sisters. I will also tell you that you arent the only lady to break her back for a man and you wont be the last but if you are already questioning the bike club devotion then honey none of us need you in our clubs, bc we know we cant count on you to have ours or our ole mans backs in a time of need. As far as being a piece of property let me give it to you straight bc that little comment really pissed me off…. I WEAR MY PROPERTY OF PATCH WITH PRIDE…. bc then everyone that I meet knows who has my back when we are at fund raisers or just out eating dinner…. so to me it shows that I am always protected no matter where i go and all of my brothers and sisters know i have their backs no matter what no matter what time, place period….

      1. Hi I have questions? I just asked to join a MC biker club. I asked someone to be there property. I’ve supported and been around this club for years. Heard all kinds of horror stories about how they do women. I liked YOUR response to the lady, although I don’t think she meant any harm.
        1. As property do u belong to him like a wife?
        2. Is it abusive if you make a mistake?
        3. Does he control your life and decisions?
        4. Will they tell you all the rules before joining?
        5. Being property does that protect you from other members hurting you women included?
        6. If another old lady in the club don’t like you or jealous hater try you can you whip her ass without repercussions of she started it. Or will they take her side?
        I just want guidance to know what I’m facing?

        1. i have all these ??? as well.
          Do i have to give up riding my Harley whenever/wherever i want to, if i m property of?

    4. She mc is just a glorified man club. Know who you are and what you want in a husband before you get married. Set him straight with what you expect.
      I’ll have no part with his mc after witnessing some disrespect towards some of the wives/ girlfriends. You either become a group or you don’t. I refuse!!!
      If my husband wants a wife he’ll treat me like a wife.
      It takes Two to make a marriage not a club then wife second. And wife does not mean property…

    5. I realize this post is very old, but I have to say, I’m in a relationship and same situation but not getting married no kids. I’ve been together with my boyfriend 7plus & he used to be in a bad Mc & left, now he joined a new one. I’m not going to stay. I told him before he knows that I’m not going to put up with that again. Well one small thing turns into another n bigger things lies trouble cheating illegal activity. So I’m setting my ducks up and planning my new journey ALONE! I’d rather be single then be treated last

  10. It is an honor to have a property patch,once you join the club life your world will change,getting to travel all over the world,the feeling of being on the bike with the wind in your hair as you ride around,some people get the wrong idea of how members treat their ol reality we’re treated with respect but respect has to be earned,if you disrespect anyone they will disrespect you back .i agree if you are the jealous type this life is not for you.give your ol man the freedom to do what he pleases and i can guarantee he will always come home to you

  11. I was just last week introduced to MC and was amazed with the respect I received from the brothers .
    I really do appericiate the words of wisdom as I want to give the respect back without being nosey .
    I know , I can’t hold his vest unless I am a property . I also was educated about social media postings , safety and club rules .
    Here is my question , So at the party I saw that his shoelaces were untied so I went and tied it for him as I don’t want him to bend down . I felt like a lot of people looked at me …. did I do something wrong ? He didn’t say anything , another young lady said ” girl don’t start this ”
    I am born and raised south Asian and to me it was not a big deal . I am kinda confuse …..

    1. Hi Najee – not a good idea to get down and tie his shoes up – I’m sure you meant well as I understand your culture but this culture is a lot different. Take Goldie’s advice as she sounds very true blue and experienced! I grew up around bikers and in clubhouses and the rules of the house haven’t changed too much at all. Not sure your man would feel very good about his “mom” tying his shoes or wiping his face and hands in front of the rest of his brothers. If he didn’t ask you to get down and tie his shoes, then it’s likely not a good idea to do it. He wants a confident lady by his side but not a mom and I’m sure you understand. Have fun and it’ll all fall into place for you!

    2. So he shows respect to his ol lady or he gets his cake & eats it to? By screwing around….or will it her members keep him in line as well?

      Give him the freedom to do as he pleases ? Really? Are we talking club business or screwing around???

  12. Hey Hottie ! I completely understand your point ! Thank you !
    I spoke to him about it and he said it was ok and said ” my brothers asked me if you have a sister “. I was relieved ? but I do hear you !

  13. I’m new to MC world, dating a National Co-Founder with 8 other locations! I am outspoken, attractive, & wife material. I hungout for the 1st time with him & MCs, I must say I was treated like a queen by everyone! They treat him like the Godfather, & I love it! But, them hoes at the damn club, 1st night out at a social gathering I felt comfortable being myself & he gave me his attention, no problems! 2nd night, at MC house he was like; U don’t serve me, don’t hand me nothg, if I need anythg they got me, so I was like “what the fuck that mean?” I asked, U don’t need to do shit, but sit there, dance a lil & look sexy and watch these hoes hate on U…it only took a sec for me to get out my feelings, we didn’t sit together at MC house like the day b4, so no-one knew (visitors) who he was with…I’m seeing females touch & grabbing on him but these hoes don’t care!! He gestured for me to come over we chatted I told him how he’s holding shit down, he’s like u the sexiest in this bitch, sit back & njoy need anythg ask the man standing behind U cuz he’s not going nowhere thts for U! So, I noticed tht when I was speaking with him, even the women of the club(property ofs) was looking at me crazy when I decided (after asking tho) to dance next to my man which I haven’t danced all night…he said, thts considered “grand gesture” but, he did initiate a few dances with me…& I’ll be damn after tht sum associate chic starts to dance in front of him like bitch fuck U! Me being such a lady & graceful in my movement he paid her azz no attention…but this hoe did take it far. I’m sitting with the club president Girlfriend whom I’ve known 1st b4 the National Founder, this same chick comes over & she bump me (1st time) ok, cool. She comes by again (2nd time) there’s no reason it’s plenty of space…she comes (3rd time) to dance with her, this bitch bumps me again…so, I mention this to president girlfriend only to ask what to do, cuz my next step was to check this bitch, but I don’t know the rules of any of this…No, I’m not the jealous type by any means, I just like to be known who I am…once again, this was the 1st time he brought me to MC house here in my city, I haven’t been to the one in his town (probably a whole new bag of SHIT)!!! I am clueless on the expected behavior, I have interrupted conversations he’s been in with the guys, well tht won’t happen again, I’ve given him corrections while they’ve been around…I see I have tons to learn! Help me out! I like the concept of extended family, if we get serious in this relationship he said I don’t have to be “property of” which is privilege he said, but I want to know how do I pull the women together so no-one feels inferior or left-out…women movement/empowerment from within??

    1. Thank you for posting all of that. I’m trying to hang out with a prospect right now and I think I get “it”, but what’s hard for me right now is trying to get some of his time. He said as soon as he’s patched in I can be fully included in events and meetings. I’m afraid I’m messing this up though by asking him when I can see him. It’s almost 3 months and everything was retry good until this last week. I think I just need to back off, but I’m afraid backing off he’ll think I’m not interested anymore. Something about this guy, I’m freaking hooked! And it’s not like I’ve seen him ride or anything or in his cut. Just the laughing and joking and attraction and his kids are great!! Am I messing shit up? How do I fix it? And how do I get what I want too, which is a man to marry? I read about his club online, doesn’t change my mind. I like that he’s in a club. It will make me feel secure once he’s in and then we can actually do this boyfriend/ girlfriend thing. I’m all about him prospecting. I think it’s great. But ahhhh I want tO not give a fuck if he doesn’t get back to me or I don’t get to see him so much right now. I just don’t want him to lose interest in me.

    2. These women will never be pulled together in unity, LuckiCharmz. It flies in the face of infuriority. Not every lady who has been the wife of an mc member has been able to adjust to the status of propperty of. I speak from experience.

    3. So he shows respect to his ol lady or he gets his cake & eats it to? By screwing around….or will other members keep him in line as well?

      Give him the freedom to do as he pleases ? Really? Are we talking club business or screwing around???

      Property of….what’s that means of the club or him?

      1. I can see him putting club business first and secret. If I know it just flirting …so be it….IF I know hes not gonna take the hoes up. Don’t think I should have to sit back and see him with someone else and I’m suppose to be his ….property & all.

    4. Girl please I would’ve knocked that chick on the floor. I rememeber me and my girls went out and some biker chicks thought they was the shh so we all dancing, so the chick challenged on of my girls while dancing. I stepped in front of her and and if she didn’t move she was getting kicked in her face. The bar and my ppl still talking bout that. If I do decide to get with my mc friend, them chicks got another thing coming if they try me cause they face gone be getting mopped on the floor real talk. Im churchy but God said don’t be no fool. I ain’t asking nobody shh. U come out pocket u getting mopped

  14. Thanks im new to the mc property life and dont know all the rules yet but went on my first trip this past weekend and the respect i got was amazing i felt like family

  15. So how do i get involved? Im a single mom, 46 years old, going to school and working to support my youngest son who is 10. Im looking for someone to connect with on this. Im in Aberdeen Washington, i moved here for a fresh start just me and my son. So anyone with ideas please email me at

  16. We all get OLD. We all die. Doesn’t matter the ego.
    You can still die alone.
    Do not take for-granted true love. If you do then ok… Most likely you will be old n alone. Hold high the club. Or, hold high your woman. Your choice cause God grants free will. Im ready for anything. I will pray for ALL who believe they are more than our creator.

  17. This is exactly why we learn these things & share our knowledge with our new sisters..L&R

  18. I have a question that I am hoping someone can answer for me. This past weekend at a motorcycle rally a woman who appeared to be very affiliated with a well know MC would not leave my wife alone. This woman would grab her any chance she got, attempted to get my wife to go back and meet her MC friends, and even tried to go into a bathroom stall with her. Everywhere this woman went she was followed by 2 MC patch wearers and I finally had to take my wife and leave. My wife didn’t see anything really wrong with the situation other than the woman seemed really “hands on” but it was too much for me. If anyone has any ideas I’d be eager to hear.

  19. Y’all make me want to puke. You all sound so pathetic. What self-respecting woman would put herself in a position that she is considered “property” of a Man. That status is normally only acceptable to Muslims…oh wait…are y’all Muslim? If not, then you are nothing but a disgrace to women everywhere and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Instead of riding as somebody’s bitch on the back, try getting your own bike and riding it yourself. I’ve had my own bike for years and I can promise you it will be a cold day in hell before I ride passenger as some useless dude’s propery! I ride my own bike, make my own rules, and answer to no one but myself. But most of all, I ain’t nobody’s bitch!

    1. Love ya girl!… Wish there were more women out there like you!…Some of these comments are pathetic…

  20. I am surprised at your arrogant attitude towards women. I have known plenty of guys in biker clubs who have high powered jobs, wives/girlfriends and families who dont call women hoes. I have also met a lot of losers in bike clubs in pubs where Im having a drink with my girlfriends and want to be left alone. These guys have lasted 5 minutes with me before going away with their tail between their legs as I have been polite, you Im afraid would have lasted one minute. I find real men want to ride their bikes, have a good time with their friends and enjoy the experience of the day/days. You seem to think being part of a bike club makes you a magnet to women, well not the educated decent ones but clearly sluts. If thats all you can get, you are the bottom feeder of the men you ride with and I dont thing boy that you have their respect

    1. If you want to talk like that you need to join the Hells Angels. But the Hells Angels say that you need to find them and considering you have joined another club Its obvious you havnt but only to try voice your views as the Hells Angels dont want you.

      Get to the bottom of what your feeling. You have a whole club to help you and heal.

  21. This life fascinates me and the extended family would be awesome ….pitching in with the other ladies and helping out would be no problem. I would be great having the other ladies showing the ropes and having their support.

  22. This life fascinates me and the extended family would be awesome ….pitching in with the other ladies and helping out would be no problem. It would be great having the other ladies showing the ropes and having their support.

  23. Reading this shit made me laugh. Religions are everywhere. Sounds just like the WatchTower,Mormon and Isrealite society. No different from the Bible!

  24. I would need some help. I have split up with my bf who is a member of an mc and now I fell in love with another member. I have not cheated on my ex, I have just realized that I don’t want to be with him anymore. Now the club is prohibiting any relationship with the guy I fell in love. Can they do this? Can they make him choose between me and the club? I’m very upset about this and I don’t feel it fair because I’m not with my ex anymore. Please tell me what should I do? Thank you Juliet

    1. Hello Juliet,

      Thank you for reaching out and thank you for asking for my unprofessional advice and for wanting to hear my opinion on this issue you have.

      In the Motorcycle Club life we aim to keep our brotherhood tight, loyal, and drama free. It’s not easy but we give it our very best. 1 of the biggest issues to a man and his relationship with his club is his relationship with his woman. Unfortunately in most cases a woman can be the biggest cancer to a motorcycle club and it’s members. I’m pointing this out so you can see first hand that you really need to check yourself.

      You said you are no longer dating a guy that’s in the same motorcycle club of this new guy you have fallen in love with? Juliet, that’s trashy. You need to look at what you are making yourself look like and what issues this could cause for those 2 men in the club.

      So, your question is can the President of that club make that member choose between some “Pussy” or the Club? The answer from me regarding my motorcycle club would be YES.

      If a member of my club was dating some chick and they broke up and another club brother started to “fuck her”, date her, see her, and it immediately caused issues between the 2 brothers, I would step in and advise the 2nd guy to leave that chick alone. It’s obvious she’s not in love with either one of you, she’s in love with the Patch. So, I’d advise him to either “fuck her” and drop it, or leave her alone. If I felt I needed to take further action I would “low key” have another one of my club brothers “get at her” to also start fucking her on the side to show both of them fucking retards that that bitch ain’t shit.

      Juliet a motorcycle club is no place for you to be looking for love. Take yo ass to Starbucks, Vons, Yard House, or go walk the Beach and find you a man that has no connections to a man you was once In Love with.

      I find what you’re doing totally disgusting and disrespectful at every level. I also forgot to add that I would ban you from coming around the club. Why? Because what you bringing to the club is drama and drama isn’t needed.

      I run a tight ship, so asking me my opinion on this matter is coming from a man who don’t take no shit and knows for a fact that Pussy should never come between 2 real men.

      You said you were “very upset”? The person you need to be upset with is in the mirror.


      1DOWN MC

      1. Damn a club no offense to anyone. But u as a woman know better than that. That’s like u marrying your baby daddy’s brother. That’s nasty and violation of the code. That’s Jerry Springer shh. U must act like a lady at all times cause that’s what we are. But if u a thot, u wouldn’t know ur place anyway. U need to evaluate yourself and do charecter searching and building. Club or no club this is ur life we talking bout. Get yo shh together for the sake of woman and sister hood. U probably got the JD label, bad for business

      2. Of course Juliet should be ban I know …sounds like her presence there is chaos by even considering another brother in the club, don’t have to be an MC to see that one coming if course …I’m curious, did some one tell her rules up front to avoid a drama? ..& she ignored? Or even worse, forgot??? Lol …the other MC, is it considered by club as not showing enough respect to allow that to happen with his bros property…? I’m really curious bout definition of “respects” & how that should feel to someone according to the club. Is female not ban as soon as she is no longer with her MC (that would seems almost like a sting, setup of sorts allowing them still be around if not….??? I’m really confused now, am I over thinking this maybe? …or was she falling for the other member WHILE with her MC??? ….or worse yet (with my perception of respect) him being with her or even considering her could be full of disrespect & therefore drama, am I correct in that observation of the situation or no? (Is the respect in that sutuation his rule too?? was she being delusional even thinking he wants her attached to him) ….either way, drama drama, she needs to go obviously; ild think BEFORE there’s a chance for a situation to manifest itself that could cause a wedge between nembers….?) How was that possible to happen?

        ..on flip side, regarding the comment I read, MC r still human right?? …did I read correctly that members don’t or can’t (?) love their ol lady? Is that true? (If not, could u explain to me what there purpose to be alive might be if u know….. Pls) …arent expected to love ol lady even if they r badass self – disciplined enough to keep club first….? (& if they don’t love an ol lady wouldn’t there be no drama issue in girl moving to new patch same club?)…is what emotionally goes on between member/ol lady behind closed doors under club scrutiny & club rule too & in need of control as well? I’m extremely curious
        ….I’ve had few wanna be (or act like) MCs in my life as “my man”- guess u could call it idk – in past, but after some major love bombing onto me (& THINKING I’ve fallen head over heals in love) they begin what I consider major “devaluing” of me [..of course I would never disrespect my man, mentioning that I feel so disrespected with that particular treatment of me while in public setting but I either want them enough to allow them to know it wasn’t feeling right (resonating) with me & tell them in private with chance to adjust a behavior in case they want me there, or silently walk the other way with no more contact if it just isn’t fitting …] ….in my cases I truly don’t think it’s “biker mentality” with the past guys in my life. Instead it’s NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) in people who want to be MC & believe the media bout what a biker is all bout & meshes the two into an attempt at control, isolation & abuse of me – mistaking my kindness & respect for weakness & so sucking up all my attention, draining my energy & stealing my soul man.
        I’m so trying to understand all this cuz I feel I’m true Biker’s personal whore goodbadgirl ….only IF ITS TRULY ALL BOUT RESPECT as I perceive respect to be (if I’m wrong I can finally move on from that feeling of being compelled to it) & if I’m correct does that mean it’s OK member love their brother(whatever they prefer to call that) AND having that irresistable sexiness of GENUINE confidence & strength in them to be able to love fully with their ol lady in private & be all the more that one badazz (& protective) mfer they r

        ….in my experience being able to balance the 2 makes for the truly badass mfer of both worlds, the MC life AND that one ol lady that gives him the feeling bout himself that theres no need really for others (& vice versa for his ol lady) so there need be no jealousy, jus happiness & joy in doing “his thing”… Sure why not

        …my daddy was this & in the small town I grew up in (with my daddy’s large family’s well known reputation) & my daddy being known as someone fair & giving but (unless uve completely lost ur freakin mind) u just don’t cross him, I was feared, even tho “I AM LOVE” lol & I’m a Super Empath (absorb everyone’s emotions as my own) but just don’t carry myself that way cuz I wasn’t brought up as such lol…

        …… I’ve jus been waiting for that genuine badass mfer to step in my life ….trying to figure why I’m so compelled to the lifestyle & hoping u can explain to me if MC can be genuinely confident & badass (which I think is the case) & so some are capable of empathy, heck maybe love lol) or if they r like the cluster-B NPD I’ve been experiencing for a lifetime now who bring it cuz narc is majorly attracted to empath…. But for reasons I’m not interested in & so refuse to step up into light with me but hang out in basement playing dark games with me till I’ve gotta finally just close basement door ?
        …..thx if ur able shed some light on all that, if not I understand, it’s big beautiful train wreck maybe too big to pick all apart …hope ur having a nice day

      3. So true, what Goldie said, I couldn’t of said, it better my self I should know I use to ride with an all Female biker club, n I’ve seen it all myself.
        “You see nothing, you know nothing, you speak of nothing.”

    2. Goldie, not to overstep what you have already replied to Juliet about. But if I may ask for the courtesy of replying to her as well, from an ol’ lady point of view, I would like to. Thank-you in advance.

      I will not pretend to know you or your situation. Please excuse my bluntness but it is for your own well being that I tell you, GET LOST CHICK, LIKE RIGHT NOW!
      Of course you CANNOT bounce from one member to another member…..and I am speaking to you as an ol’ lady. Did you not pay attention to the way things are handled when you were with your ol’ man? Why would you even be confused about this?? Please do not think I need you to answer my questions, because I do not. You have already outted yourself asking such questions in the first place. Just suck it up to bad luck doll and move on. You are no longer an ol’ lady and therefore you have no affliation anymore. Unless you want to be a hang around, but I would imagine your interest in another member will have you 86’d by the time you read this response.
      I suggest you go buy some Son’s Of Anarchy DVD’s and full fill your love for the patch wearers that way. Asking such questions that you should know the answers to already, does not paint a bright future for you in the MC world.
      I’m hoping you are paying attention to and digesting what Goldie has told you.
      Melissa *PIAS (Pitbull in a skirt)

  25. If the member didn’t ask the other member for permission to get at the chick and moved on her. he needs to go. Respecting your club brothers is of the upmost importance. There is no coming back from this in my eyes. And as far as the Hyna coming around the old’ladys need to pull her into the lady’s room and give her a school’n on how she needs to conduct her self before sending her down the road.

  26. Couldn’t have said it any better. I’m not one for rules but one of my chapters bilaws that I myself came up with and will always enforce is ex’s kick rocks! 86’d from everything including communication on social media etc. Brothers have lost their patch fucking with a x-wife. Why would you disrspect a brother for pussy??? It’s not like we have a shortage of bitchs! Aint no pussy drought if you have a patch.

  27. So true only 1man can get the job done because I’m nice and tight and I don’t want the Dicky to fall in beside if a women will do that she’ll do my Dickly and that not cool rule in a MC Club that’s a no no

  28. I’m so confused and hurt. I knew the man from a previous ‘job’, we wore a uniform and served together. 7 years fast forward…he has looked me up, I moved 1,400 miles to be with him after talking every day for 2 1/2 months. I got here, not understanding what he’s a part of, a mc, and that he’s about to start ‘prospecting’. If I did one little thing wrong, not get his clothes for him immediately etc. he constantly threatened to bring in another woman who would…or send me pics of him with other women. I just had NO clue. I didn’t understand. Not once did I get to go ‘out’ with him. Not once did he take me for a ride. I’m a size 12. He says I’m ‘fat’. I left after 6 weeks, homeless with my child. Much better than being disrespected every second, rather than the kind of strong woman who once wore a Uniform and served. He said he wanted a baby, a family, land…it was all a lie. I moved 1,400 miles for a Lie and for a MC to be chosen over me; ( these guys don’t give 2 sh!ts about a Woman. It’s about the moment and their ego. Don’t fall for their crap!!!

    1. This has nothing to do with the mc and more to do with him being a jerk. A man can have mutual respect for you while being a prospect. My bf small mc disbanded and he’s going to prospect a bigger club. We have had the conversation about how he’s going to be gone a lot more and it’ll be hard but that never changes who he is as a person, and he will always respect me and our relationship.

  29. Hello,
    First, Respect to you Goldie.
    Thank-you for addressing this topic and explaining in such detail the importance of an ol’ lady knowing her place.
    Respect and appreciation to all the ol’ ladies that left comments.
    If you don’t mind I will take a moment to add to this discussion.
    I grew up a 1%r MC kid, raised by my father who was the Enforcer. As a kid, all I knew is that we rode everywhere, it was like a big family and I was treated like a little star. It was a childhood filled with many fun memories.
    Now at 35, I’m an ol’ lady,PropertyOf, to The National Enforcer of the same 1%r MC.
    I absolutely agree with Goldie, this life is not at all for everyone, and most women especially. For any woman thrilled by the cut, looking to be a Harley Hopper or thinking you can change the man, walk away now! This a man’s club and you have nothing to do with the club or what goes on, period. Frankly, most women today have no place in even attempting to approach an MC man with intentions of dating him. Women today act way too entitled and think they are equal to men, they do not believe in old school values and traditional methods of being a woman to a man. So if I may, I will lay it out for you. It is work! If you think being married is work, which it is, this type of relationship is even more so. It is all about Respect at all times. You respect your ol’ man as the leader of your relationship, of your home and his role in HIS club. You respect his brothers, and the other ol’ ladies. You always respect yourself in the manner in which you carry yourself, present yourself and act. You are a direct reflection of your man, do not think you are equal or allowed certain rights because you are NOT, until they are given to you.
    If you are invited to the CH or events, be thankful to be there, this is a privilege not at all a right! If you are asked to attend you never tell your man no, you say thank-you for inviting me, I’d be happy to go. You conduct yourself calmly, have respect and manners. Be friendly and be happy to be there. Do not be overly loud or make a spectacle of yourself. Do not walk in with a chip on your shoulder like you are some badass biker bitch with something to prove, because I promise you if you do, you will very quickly be shown just how wrong you are. Always follow your man’s lead, never ever disrespect your man or complain to him about a single thing in front of anyone! You smile at him and listen to what he says. Do not wander off away from your man either, give him his space but do not be off somewhere where you are not easily available to him. Never talk to his brothers out of your man’s presence, that is a disrespect to your man and also makes you look bad again reflecting poorly on your man. Never feed into the party whores tactics!! As an ol’ lady you are above them, you have earned your place as an ol’ lady and you do not need to pay any mind to the lowlys that are wishing they were you! Do not be consumed with a single thought about them, they are unimpressive in every way and you have no business sweating them! Your ol’ man knows who you are and why he has chosen you to be there and be his ol’ lady, therefore it’s up to you to remember who you are and own your place. If a whore gets out of line you will know when it’s time to address it by directions from your ol’ man. Then and only then do you act swiftly and quietly. They should never hear you coming, no warning given. You address the issue, and move on as if nothing happened. No dirty looks, no whispering, no catty bullshit name calling yelling and acting stupid. You are above that. Furthermore, my ol Man has told me countless times how one of the sexiest things about me is my classy confidence. Any woman truly thinking they can be an ol’ lady, if you are not confident then you better learn how to fake it, because being insecure is unattractive and leaves you open for trouble, as well as being cocky, do not be a cocky bitch, because being cocky gets your head bounced off the curb real quick. Do not flirt, never have a wandering eye or do anything to make you look like you are checking out a brother of your ol’ man’s. That will get you beat up quick. Yes, be polite but only conversate in the presence of your ol’ man, as I previously explained. This is the exact reason for the purpose of the Property Of standing, this let’s all brothers know you are spoken for, you are not available and also you are to be protected, and looked out for. Never interrupt your man as that is rude and disrespectful, never talk about personal home life shit with anybody and never ever repeat anything you hear or see, EVER!
    Do not go around bragging to outsiders about being an ol’ lady it what you have attended. Your ol Man most likely and shouldn’t ever tell you about his MC business and you do NOT ask, it has nothing to do with you whatsoever. You are not a member of the club you never will be and you shouldn’t want to be. You should not except or even want to attend meetings. This is a personal pet peave of mine as I have seen many ol’ ladies try and quite frankly it isn’t your business and you shouldn’t want it to be. Your ol’ man is your leader let him do his MC shit without you, this isn’t your role.
    Your role is to treat your man like a KING, read that again ladies!! A King, this isn’t about equality or what you deserve or feel you’re owed, I can tell you now if you disagree then you need to walk away right this second. You are to encourage, support, love, be loyal to, respect, honor, worship and live to please your ol’ man, period, and not half-ass either, you put everything you got into that shit everyday! Don’t forget to keep yourself up as well, be on point with how you dress, classy not trashy, and how you look, taking care to be presentable is what I’m saying because it’s about being a reflection of your ol’ man, making him proud and showing him you care. I could go on and on with all the do’s and dont’s but I will leave it at that. Here is what you want to hear though ladies, after you have mastered all that plus many many more ways of being you will be rewarded with more love than you can imagine. You will have a wonderful big family that is always there for you at anytime you need them (but never ask for anything without talking to your ol’ man first and getting his approval). You will be safer and more protected than you’ve ever been in your life and you will feel worthy! You will feel empowered by knowing you have an important role, you are wanted, you are needed and you have a duty to perform. You feel respected and proud in knowing you have earned your place and you are part of a family that not most can be a part of. I would like to just add a few more things, personally my ol Man didn’t have me around for events or at the CH for awhile in the beginning of us being together, I never got openly upset about it to him, but I soon came to realize he is always looking out for my well being, putting my safety as top priority, so he had his reasons. Also I still do not attend every event or go to the CH every time, as I said that’s his club, his business. Just know that you have to trust your ol’ man, he knows what he is doing, he has reasons that he has thought out and planned for regarding you as his ol’ lady. You have to trust and believe in him at all times, even if you do not see the reason why, that’s ok it’s not for you to see why, it’s for you to trust him and know he’s always thinking of your well being. I often have escorts if he isn’t with me himself , and that’s just another way for him to know I’m ok as well as to keep me safe. One last thing ladies, whatever you do if you think this is still something you can handle, DO NOT EVER CHEAT on your ol’ man!!! Even if you are just beginning to date, do not even think about it. All men should own what’s between your legs, just in being your man, but a MC member, an ol’ man he most definitely owns that!! Do NOT all together lose your mind and think you can sneak it by him. If he has interest in you at any point he will know your every move and that’s not TV drama shit, that’s real life MC shit. He will know and that’s disrespect to the fullest and MC code is an eye for an eye, meaning you disrespect him he’s going to disrespect you far worse. Your word and loyalty to your ol’man means everything so conduct yourself like a lady and you will be treated as such. You should love you ol’ man with every bit of love you have in your entire self and even have some in the reserve tank?
    Thank you Goldie for the opportunity to allow us to write comments on this, and all love and respect to my fellow ol’ ladies out there!
    Melissa *PIAS (Pitbull in a skirt)

    1. Melissa, I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate your posts on this. I am very much in the learning process of being the ol’ lady of a high ranking 1%er, and I am finding your sharing not only invaluable, but reassuring!

    2. I’m young, 25.. working towards my property patch.. this is exactly what I needed to read. I need old-school advice, tips & general knowledge on being a property! Honestly, everything you’re saying comes natural to me.. im honored and eager to accept this patch. If you have any do’s & do nots or just advice please fill me in! I appreciate your post

      1. Just remember once you get that patch you never stop burning it it’s a privilege and honor don’t lose it it’s not supposed be Velcro

    3. Dear, Melissa

      Love, your input thank you! Suppose you have done your ol’ Lady duties to the Max and beyond but you’re ol’ Man is out playing you like a fool and the other ol’ ladies your sisters see it but, hush hush because we know that is the right thing to do. Your the last to know, Then what? What advice would you give?

  30. Thank you for all this info. I’m dating a MC and has been for almost 3 yrs. So far I have done what is expected of me. This is good info to know.

  31. I am just starting a relationship with a guy who is in a MC Club……not so sure I like the idea of being anyone’s property…….soon this means they are very possessive?

  32. I have been dating a man in a club for 9 months and I fell in love. I happened upon some pictures and learned he is bi sexual and a cross dresser. I can’t handle that. I politely broke things off with him. He has since kicked my door in and hit me several times. What do I do to make this stop?

  33. Ugh.

    I came on this page by total curiosity and its absolutely not what I expected. It’s like I jumped back in time or something.

    Women are not playthings nor « pussies ». Never thought I had to say this to anyone in 2017.

    I’m a biker chick. I ride my own bike on street and race it on track. I don’t sit on the bitch seat and no one man could make me sit back and shut up.

    Why such rules for your girls ? Ain’t it so much cooler to ride next to your girl, on her own bike, as a part of this amaizing adventure ? Not just a useless prop.

    I’ve met some of those chicks before. When I told them that I ride my own bike, they do not find it cool or anything. They usually say that they wish they could do the same. The sad truth is that they could. But they instead settle as someone else’s property. I don’t blame it on the boys.

    Girls. Wake up.

    1. If you don’t agree with the rules that have been posted then don’t post negative this lifestyle is not for everybody and we’re definitely not what you think. Our place is on the back of the bike night in front we are our men’s shield, Protect them while on the back of the bike with them we take the bullet for them . Love, Loyalty & Respect

  34. I’ve bin seeing a mc Pres for a few months,he’s always gone and canceling sometimes jus leaves me hanging period,so I text him after not hearing from him in a week to say if we’re threw say we’re threw,he replied we’re not threw come make love to me. Then he stands me again and he’s back on the road,so confused,am I a side chick,he introduces me to his brothers calling me by my first name,he never has time for me,am I missing something

  35. My boyfriend started hanging out with a member of the club. At first it was fine, I knew and know he is in goos hands. As the days went on he wasn’t home for days. He did make it a point to take care of his priorities at our home; taking care of the animals, making sure the wood stove was filled with wood. As the days continued to go on, I personally did not understand his “obsession” of hanging around the members and at the club house. I felt like I was lost and wanted answers that he clearly could not answer. He couldn’t answer those questions due to him not knowing and because it was not my business. I honestly felt like our relationship wasn’t going to survive, I questioned myself if it was worth it to continue to and I told myself to be strong and continue to support his decision. To this day, it is very difficult to process and accept the fact that he is away from home more than he is home. To go from spending time together to rarely is something that takes a toll on a human being.

    When my boyfriend finally told me that joining a local club, it stunned me. Although, he mentioned it every now that he eventually wanted to join a club, you still are not ready to make those sacrifices. It feels like you have lost a part of your. I constantly reassure him my support.

    There are many things I won’t understand, however, it’s stuff I don’t want to know about. What I think about on a daily basis if the a club is all about “brotherhood” then why must they devote so much of their time to do whatever they need go to. We’re only human and need the reassurances that you’ll be ok and also telling the girlfriend or wife that you still love them.

    The women who date tjsitcln

  36. Great advice.
    I respect my ol Man to the fullest. Behind closed doors, he catches it lol.
    I’m in my mc and he is in his. I have my own bike but I don’t mind riding with him sometimes. We make it work because we truly love each other. We get to come to some of each other’s events. Been together 2 years, getting married in 2019.

    1. Hello, Boss Lady

      I will assume you’re MC is an all woman MC? Is there any interference with clubs because you are from different MC? I am not a rider but do not mind learning to ride or join a woman’s MC. Just not sure about the Female / Male MC

  37. Thank you so much for that I really needed to know my roll as a girlfriend to an mc member I have so much to learn this life is so much different then what I’ve been privy to but I’m old school I LOVE my man and I’m willing to do what it takes to keep him he’s o good man once again thank you

  38. I dated an ex mc. He still lived the life style. He kept in touch with members. I found myself very jealous. He has a lot of female friends. I understand the bike attracts the women. But he talked to certain ones everyday. He went from being gone one day to two day and no calls. Never knew he was even leaving. He had an event and used a falling member as an excuse for me not to go to the event. Long story short My Gutt feeling was right. I caught him cheating. He told me that I just don’t understand the left style of a biker. I love riding but if this is the life style I have to except I rather not be part of it.

  39. I have known this guy for abt 7 yrs. We have always flirted with each other. At time we were both in relationship and timing was off. Now both of us is single. We been talking since November.. He’s now staying with me don’t get me wrong I love that fact that he’s committed to his club. Family and brotherhood means alot to him. Now he has just made me his property. I don’t ride with him or go to meetings. He loves threesome I have always been bi curious. Lately we have been talking about finding me a gf. He found a girl he used to messed with, she seems to be more interested in him than me. Recently, I found out his been talking to her behind my back..he claims he loves me. He’s lying that he’s not talking to her. I have always had feelings for him.. Question: Does that mean he can make her property too.

  40. My ol man has been in a MC bout 5yrs now… 1% affiliated.. I absolutely am honored and proud to wear my property… What it means to me is Protection!! When we are out on runs,benefits,etc.. It speaks in volumes… And I’m accepted n Respected.. Also my club sisters.. I’ve learned in this world.. Its a huge family and as with ur own blood family. Your surly not gonna get along with everyone… But you Love ur man n u love the patch… So therefore you remain corgial and respect the patch.. Bite ur tongue.. Support ur man..know ur place… N Always Always remember ur a Guest!! We are all on the same playing field no MATTER what position our man is in… It does NOT make you Better then the nxt sister just because ur man ranks higher…. Unite as one and as equals… Dnt allow high school drama in ur unit… Dnt become consumed in gossip.

  41. Being a former loyal committed respected 1% Ol Lady, As well as “Property Of” a known Mc. There’s no reason why females using this lifestyle cannot follow the rules with that being said we as “Property Of” I Strongly believe that after more than four years and your lady with plus years should get a little bit more respect and credibility with Any MC. Now understand I no my place and that this is a man’s club at the same time, if After numerous plus years associated affiliated known with MC’s I believe her voice should be heard in some situations and certain bylaws !
    No foul no disrespect anyone percent 1% or 1% down or 99% MC. Love , loyalty and Respect.

  42. First off I’ve meet Goldie in the past when I was hanging around, he’s a good guy I can trust. Didn’t realize I was reading something by him even though this was posted years ago. It was useful for me now dating a biker and SOME things I DiD Not know about even though he’s told me about some.

  43. Only participated in this lifestyle ONCE! I LOVED IT! My biggest piece of advice for ANY WOMEN that become OLE LADIES. Do what you KNOW TO BE TRUE. Be LADIES. Make friends with other members wives. There’s nothing better than a group of women who can all relate to one another plus it adds a little trust amongst the MC as a whole and will enable you to participate and have your role in the MC. You may not be a member but HELL they sure don’t wanna miss out on all you GOOD WOMEN taken care of them. In the end they are still Men!!! As far as biker whores go….. well please keep in mind that they WILL ALWAYS exist in this lifestyle. YOUR HIS and HE’LL NEVER PUT HER ON THE BACK OF HIS BIKE BECAUSE SHE IS WHAT SHE IS. He’ll cherish you for life for respecting him and she’ll have her poor little heart broken when she sees YOUR ROLE above hers. If you do manage to thrive in this life your end goal is to become MOM. The Mommas are wives of MC members who manage to make it through this rugged lifestyle and make out like Roses and in the end wind up holding as much respect as an MC member and they look after and take care of the ENTIRE MC as if they are her children. Have fun with HIM Always! Give him his privacy. Always LOOK GOOD while out with him. Hair makeup nails clothing accessories WHOLE NINE YARDS. He’ll sport you and show you off. Major brownie points for sporting his colors to match him when you guys ride. BE A GOOD WIFE ! Save ALL disagreements and negativity for YOUR BEDROOM. That’s what I learned. No. This SHIT isn’t for everyone but it just might be for you.

  44. Wow. This is sad and disgusting. Any woman that willing puts up with being a second class citizen confuses me. You deserve so much better.

  45. I recently dated a guy from a club. He didn’t tell me at first. I had to ask. I was hesitant to continue the relationship because I’ve heard stories from past friends, how these men are bad boys and the whole lifestyle. But I told him I do not, want to judge you base on peoples past experiences. I want to make my own experience with you. Plus I don’t care what others say. I wanted to please him in every way. I was very honest from the start with him. What I thought was going to be just a physical thing ended up, to him saying he wanted to marry and he was planning our future. (Need I mention I’m coming out of a long marriage) I must say I felt excited and intoxicated sexually for him. I did everything he asked of me. I am a very dominant strong CEO in the working class and I was submissive for him. He never fully explained to me how the
    Club works(I knew not to ask) because I have family that’s part of another club…. or what he expected from me. (I did ask) We did talk a bit about it because I wanted this to work out, I felt like I was stepping on eggshells with him. He was and still is the most sexiest man I’ve ever laid my eyes on and I am younger….I am still waiting for
    Him. Hoping he’ll change his mind.
    I supported him and when I wanted to end things he convinced me not too. So I didn’t but when he felt like I disrespected him he cut me off completely. I apologized and asked for a second chance since I gave him one. But he didn’t. I have never begged a man and I did with him and nothing. I’m honesty so sad. Never been this sad. We got so deeply connected and I did things with him that I’ve never done with anyone else. I feel like I don’t want this one man to ruin my experience because I would like to find a man who I can build an empire with and be owned. I don’t mind taking care of a man as long as he is taking care of me. I want to go out on a ride forget all this happen.

  46. Its sad to see the self-esteem of these women. You must not have any. Sit down, be quiet, let him disrespect you in public but correct him in private, feed him, and support him. If this is the type of man you think you deserve, then yes be his mental and physical slave.

    There are those of us out there who wish a nigga would. A real relationship has mutual respect. It is possible to be in a real relationship with respect and be part of a MC. Having the mutual understanding that if you don’t disrespect me, I won’t disrespect you. I expect you to turn down the hoes because if I have too, I promise your bro’s will never respect you again. If you don’t come to my defense when your bro acting up, you are less of man because now I have to handle both of you.

    What most men fail to realize is some of these female’s who are deemed ‘not shit’ because they are female are more real than the boys. Don’t let the pussy between my legs confuse you, Im the bitch they call when shit need to get done quick and clean. Yall act like its bro’s before hoes but how many of yall fighting amongst yourself over a piece a pussy. Keep it real. We know how it is suppose to go, but todays MC’s are full of MF who need a patch to be somebody. There are a few real ones amongst you but check the ego’s of your flock. Whose balls are the same size with the vest off, whose balls are the same when they are alone with no back up. Ask yourself, who in the club is defined by the patch and who is the definition without it.

    Females hold more power than you want to led on. That’s why the ones with self esteem issues thrive. Look at the majority of the PO’s. I guarantee they not bad bitches with options. You may have one or two. The majority are short fat ugly built like humpty dumpty, or a poorly stuffed duffle bag. Those females need validation. Bottom line ladies if you are going to date a man in an MC, be sure his values are in line with yours. Don’t try to fit in his world, if he wants you, he will adjust his world to ensure you fit.

    Also pay attention to the old men sitting on the bar stool. The one dedicated to him only. He once had a family, now all he has is the club and that stool. That is what is waiting for those who love the bros more than his home. An be careful, they probably kiss their bros in the mouth as a form of greeting.

  47. This information is very helpful. I dated a guy 20 years ago and recently am back in his life again. He is a full patch member. I am in love with him, I’ve always been. Problem is I’m married soon to be getting a divorce. Can he bring me to the club and can I be his ol’lady? I’m not sure how this all works because I’m married. Also I’m not sure I can afford a divorce, so what if my husband and I are done, but can’t afford a divorce? If anyone can help me out with this situation that would be great!

  48. Not sure if this fits here but here’s our 1% er story. My wife and I were talking about trying a cuckolding experience for some time. i happened to find a gentlemen on line who said he was very experienced in cuckolding a couple and he was especially skilled at initiating a couple into the lifestyle. My wife talked with him via video chat for about two weeks and really liked him. He asked us to go to a party he was having at a hotel nor far from us. He said it was a cuckolding party with other wives and a few of his male friends. too make a long story short I must report that a 1% er was the guy who imitated my wife in the new lifestyle. I will end that I was very proud of him and my wife as he took her bare back.

  49. Dame if only i could find me a solid man like that. I spent all my life looking up to my mom who would always run with a MC. And I sure do love them boys. Hell a relationship like that sounds way better then my last ones lol

  50. I’m not sure what to do. My husband and I have been married 16 years. We have a 12 year old son. He joined a MC about 3 years ago. Now, in the past I never had a problem with him going out without me maybe once a month to his favorite bar. Not once did it bother me. Then he joins this MC. Now it’s twice a week without me regardless whether I like it or not ( which I’m not a fan of him driving home drunk at 1 or 2 am when it’s raining). I’m usually never invited for one reason or another. I have to ask for a few hours of his time alone weeks in advance ( as long as it doesn’t interfere with club stuff). He rarely wants to have sex anymore ( very not like him). He started lying here and there. Doesn’t care if he breaks plans with me or our son when it comes to the club. I have been on the bike a total of 5 times in 3 years ( since he became a member). I wouldn’t know his brothers if I was standing next to them at the gas station and vice versa. I’ve never, ever been a jealous person until now ( and I’m 44). I did not agree to any of this! This behavior is tearing me and our marriage apart. He came home 2 weeks ago, mad as hell because of a rock in the driveway ( he was fucked up and thought I put it there on purpose), spitting on me and cussing me out in front of our son. My son wanted to shoot him in the face with his airsoft gun for treating his mom that way. And the next day it’s back to normal, going back out with them, nothing resolved. He was not like this 3 years ago. How do I deal with this? What I’ve been seeing in these posts is that if you are married to a man in a MC you accept being 2nd to the club or get a divorce. Either way the man is chosing for you by chosing the club. Why does he get to be the one to choose? Why do I have to be second to these people he has only known for 3 years when we have been together for 18? Their motto is family first but that only applies if I’m no longer his family. Do bikers respect those who put their club before their wife and kid? And if so why? What is so awesome about someone who turns their back on their best friend when someone else comes along ? That describes a back stabber in my book. Who would want someone who can toss a 16 year old relationship aside for new friends just because they seem cooler as a brother? If he can toss that away so easily I wouldn’t think he would be trusted as reliable. I don’t want our son to think it’s ok to disrespect your wife nor do I want him to shoot his dad in the face. Do I try talking to the club president? Talking to him gets me no where. He can’t hear me anymore. Going to have a nervous breakdown if I keep acting hard and pretending this isn’t hurting. Sometimes I feel like hurting myself to try and get his attention for a change but don’t think it would. Please help! Any advice would be something. Don’t want to lose my mind or my marriage or my self anymore.

  51. MCs are beyond dumb. A stupid set of arbitrary self imposed rules for people who pretend to be loyal to each other. You can argue with me, but deep down you know I’m right. Ladies, don’t be in a garbage relationship for the sake of a stupid club. The only person who takes a 1%er seriously is another 1%er. Dumb.

    Live free or die.

    1. 👊 stand up be the strong women who are meant to be! Mc 1% are just a bunch of felons who continue to sell drugs and commit crimes, as well as cheat lie to their wife’s or girlfriends they want to disrespect you but do not let that happen stand up and leave or tell him “you will never disrespect me ever again or else I WILL EMBARRASS YOU IN FRONT OF UR “loser friends”

    2. 👊 stand up be the strong women who are meant to be! Mc 1% are just a bunch of felons who continue to sell drugs and commit crimes, as well as cheat lie to their wife’s or girlfriends they want to disrespect you but do not let that happen stand up and leave or tell him “you will never disrespect me ever again or else I WILL EMBARRASS YOU IN FRONT OF UR “loser friends”

  52. I just want to say thank u for this advice. I’m just starting to date a biker and I am completely ignorant about clubs. I absolutely would support him, the club turned his life around for the better and I would totally support his passion.

  53. My ol man and I started two years ago as independent, liked by clubs and had a great number of different friend groups. After local mc club members badgered me my I’m not 100% sold on him joining, they continued on and made a plan to solftly bring him in.
    He has been disrespected left and right. We have fought more than ever. Presidents young GF starts sneaky drama. After he got punched for a petty reason we were done and drove off. I only have trouble w one chapter. The rest are gems and very respectful. I know I’m hush hush but he has also spoke down to me while his wife beating president was around. So now he made up and he’s back. After two days of relief that we were free against, I’m shocked and don’t trust any of this.
    I will no longer attend events with that chapter. Right now have of my things are packed. I miss my wild freedom of flying where and when I want. I don’t do disrespect at 40. I love this guy more than even and also the other old ladies. I’m not sure what I’m doing but by fall I’ll make it my mind. I want my own place and my own bike. This is a definite relationship where I do not need him or any man. It was just night sharing life together like we used too.
    Oh and for others, IME the lifestyle was super boring. I had more thrills at punk shows and after parties. LOL love ya girls.

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