Demanding Lifestyle


I take full pride in being the President & Founder of 1DOWN MOTORCYCLE CLUB.  My job is never done.  I’m always being watched.  I’m always being tested.  I’m always expected to do more.  I’m always expected to provide.

I get dressed everyday expecting all of the above mentioned and I can never get tired of it and I can never not give it all & my best.

I take pride in everything I wear that represents 1DOWN MC in my appearance from top to bottom.  I make it a point to look good because I don’t want my efforts to go unnoticed.  I want people to know 1DOWN MC has a code of conduct that shows in all their members starting with the President.  I know I have to lead by example.  I know being a positive influence in such a challenging culture is nothing easy but I’ve made it work for me & my club.

Not a lot of Presidents speak out as much as I do.  We all live different lives and do stuff for different reasons.  I choose to speak out because it gives people more insight on who we are and how we get down, but most of all, I feel it’s important to educate outsiders on their perception of what a Motorcycle Club is and isn’t.

Like a Football player who wears his uniform and his helmet, I live a lifestyle that requires a certain uniform as well.  My helmet protects my head in the unfortunate event of me being in a accident.  My vest shows the world what motorcycle club I belong to and my patches tell more details about me & my club.  My jeans creased hard lets you know I’m coming from the Hood and I’m no weekend warrior, my boots let you know what the deal is and if you don’t know you better ask somebody.  My Tattoos are a timeline of my personal travels in life.

My life is dedicated to 1DOWN MC and what I give me club and all that I do comes from the bottom of my heart because it makes me feel good.



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