Respect & Class

I love my club. We do this every Sunday.  It’s not even mandatory. We just love being around each other.  Lucky for us, this is our bonus week.  We get to see each other this Friday night, then again on Sunday 2 days later.  Yea we all got families, and jobs, and other obligations, but the key to this lifestyle is being able to have some type of equal balance to make it all work.  These are just a few of my brothers & Property of’s, but I wanted to take a moment and give them all a round of applause for their hard work and Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Yearly contribution to 1DOWN Motorcycle Club.  This is a very demanding lifestyle.  Nobody rewards us for doing what we do.  We reward ourselves from the brotherhood we build and the family bond we create.  We do this for the love & passion of being able to be recognized as 1DOWN Motorcycle Club.  A club that’s built on Respect & Class.


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