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I live in a MOTORCYCLE CLUB LIFESTYLE. Everything I do and everything I represent is set forth to make a statement. From the the patches on my vest, the boots I wear, the company I keep, the company i don’t keep, the tattoos on my skin, the creases in my jeans, the looks I give, the hand shake i give to my brothers vs the hand shake i give to others, the way i stand in a pic, to the way i look at a chick vs how I look at a Property Of, and in this lifestyle the greatest extension of any man in a motorcycle club is his motorcycle. The statement a man’s motorcycle makes is typically a direct reflection of how that man see’s himself. The statement a man what’s you to see in him is the statement he wants you to see in his motorcycle. He wants to show his Power, Loyalty, & Respect through him, and through his motorcycle. It’s a true extension of who he is, from the inside & out. So best believe when you look at another mans motorcycle, you not just looking at a motorcycle. You looking at part of that man and who he is as a machine! His style, personality, & swag is all in there and if you know what to look for, you will see it as if it was a mirror standing next to him.

All my bikes represent me in each and every way! I see my bikes, and I see a reflection of me. I also see a timeline of my travels in the statement I was making at the time I created that bike. But the one thing about me, I do my best to create Timeless pieces. Thats why my bikes don’t die off & get old in 1 year or 2. I try to jump a bit into the future to get a head start on things, sorta like how I handle life. You catch my drift now, all this stuff plays a part in each other, it’s all connected.

You folks take it easy out there and try to stay away from things that make you unhappy. It causes stress and stress causes heart attacks! **Seriously!!!

Love & Peace,


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