Grim Bastards

1DOWN MOTORCYCLE CLUB… making history. If you don’t make noise, nobody will hear you. If you make too much noise you become a nuisance. So, trying to find that perfect SWEET SPOT is a challenge, but you can’t be intimidated with trying.

Be heard… Be seen… Be recognized… BE YOU. DO YOU. LOVE YOU.

Never subject yourself to NOTHING in fear of what someone else might think. Instead, treat yourself to EVERYTHING for the joy of making yourself happy.

Live your life for you, and maximize each moment of the day by squeezing out every bit of happiness you can get from it.

Leave a big ass foot print in this world letting people know who you are and what you did. If you don’t love yourself, why should anybody else? If you don’t live happy, then why should anybody by happy for you? LIVE YOUR DREAM!!

Dreams do come true. You just gotta wake up and make em’ happen. I do it every single day!

Love & respect,


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