Goldie DeWitt & CCH Pounder

I wanna say THANK YOU to each and every one of you that texted me, sent me a inbox, called me, left me a msg on my Facebook wall, and those of you who cheered me on in spirit.

Even though I watched the first episode at the Premier Party last Saturday I was still sitting right in front of my tv waiting to watch it again cause I am still a fan of the show!

It’s really amazing seeing myself on TV knowing that millions of people are watching the show. It’s nothing I will ever get used to. Nothing I will ever get comfortable with. Something that makes me realize life has so much more to offer and I need to make sure I keep doing what I’m doing. Gives me a chance to see myself from the outside. To see my blessings to appreciate my blessings!

THANK YOU ALL!!!! Thank you to those I know, and those I never met. Your love and support is felt and appreciated.


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