To The Motorcycle Community

Even though the Motorcycle Club community is being challenged WE must not let it divid us because together WE must still come together to SAVE THE PATCH.

The Motorcycle Club community needs help from you! We need civilians to bring peace. We need Members to bring peace. We need supporters to bring peace. We need Clubs to bring peace.

I don’t want you to think I am only speaking in reference to certain clubs. I am speaking to ALL CLUBS from California to New York and beyond, let that be:

The UNREST within the Motorcycle Club community is a bit agitated but things will work out. I just want to remind those THAT MATTER to not lose focus on what’s on The Table. “SAVE THE PATCH”.

Many people say WE don’t have any positive leaders now a days, and I find this to be true. So if I could have anything to do with making a name for myself in the Motorcycle Club community I would like to be seen as a Positive Leader. Someone who truly cares for the Motorcycle Club Lifestyle and it’s Brotherhood. Someone who takes the initiative to Teach, Educate, and Promote Love & Peace. “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

I can not and will not tell no man he must get past the pain of a loss, but somehow WE must find the strength or in some cases the forgiveness to move forward.

I speak these words pointing at NO particular club or member. I speak these words pointing at each and every person out there who is connected & affiliated with the Motorcycle Club community.

My name is Goldie DeWitt President & Founder of 1DOWN MC and as of today Wednesday, September 24, 2014 I do not see or recognize people as a Race. The ONLY Race I believe in & recognize is the HUMAN RACE. We are 1 people, we are all human, THE HUMAN RACE!

As humans, MELANIN is the primary determinate of our skin color. The three basic types of melanin are: eumelanin, pheomelanin, and neuromelanin. The most common type is eumelanin, and is produced in “black” & “brown” subtypes. This is the chemical in our body that gives our skin tone a pigment from from light to dark.

As you can see, we are not in control of what level Melanin our bodies will produce, so why is it that we judge & crucify each other over something that we have no control over.

For us to have a better understanding of each other WE must educate each other and pass the word.

I have so much more to share, but I feel this is enough to get your brain moving for today.

Love & respect,


“I wanna educate people on the importance of educating themselves.”- Goldie DeWitt

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