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Is a man’s life. Is a lifestyle for men by REAL men. It’s a lifestyle for heterosexual men only! A lifestyle for men that run their own program in their personal life that DO NOT answer to NO female let that be friend, girlfriend or wife. This is a lifestyle that ultimately comes first, yes before your family.

This lifestyle becomes your family. Females have no place in a Motorcycle Club. Females have ONLY 2 recognized positions in the lifestyle of a REAL MAN’S motorcycle club life.

*Position #1: A female is a Property Of. This simply means she is spoken for. *Position #2: A female is Entertainment. She is single, she is a guest. Anyone can step to her and she needs to understand why. She is there to Meet & Mingle but she must respect the motorcycle club lifestyle rules or not attend.


So let it be understood a woman is either PROPERTY OF or ENTERTAINMENT. If a woman has a problem with that then ultimately you in the wrong lifestyle trying to be something more than you can ever be. Go find something else to do, gone now, get!!

Unfortunately original rules have a been broken that really fucked shit up but it don’t mean it has changed the original PROGRAM with those that represent the original lifestyle. You might see a bunch of “what the fu@k bullshit” happening out there on your set or within The Set but that shit don’t exist on the side of the tracks I get DOWN on. Many of you might feel blindsided by what I’m saying as if you never heard any of this. All I can say is that’s sad and so Unfortunate. Shame on those who brought you in and shame on those who brought them in.

In closing this is ultimately and truly A MAN’S CLUB and real men supposed to run this shit. A female roll is ONLY a woman who is Spoken For or a woman showing up for Entertainment.

I been doing this a long time. Many know how I roll and how I run my Program. If you true to the Program you will agree with public acknowledgement or in silence cause you a chicken. If you new to this, ignorant, don’t know shit about the real MC lifestyle, then you will be offended. You are exactly the content this motorcycle set needs to 86 from The Set!

My name is GOLDIE DEWITT President/Founder of 1DOWN MC. est in 1996. You got any mature questions feel free to drop them in the comments below.

If you got your feelings hurt reading this, bye Felicia!

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