Don’t be a poser!

I ride BMW for many reasons, but I’m not here to blow your ears off about BMW. I just want you to know I’ve had A LOT of bikes. A lot of dope ass bikes and from what I’ve experienced a bike doesn’t make a man. I’m the same man I’ve been before I got on a bike, the same man from bike to bike, and the same man from Harley-Davidson to BMW. I say this because if you ever meet someone and they change because they got a motorcycle, that person is a fucking poser! 

Your character & your spirit should be you through & through regardless of you getting a motorcycle or even getting into a Motorcycle Club. If you a cool cat and you get a motorcycle then you just a cool cat on a motorcycle. If you a fake wannabe buster ass mark from jelly stone park and you get a motorcycle, you still gonna be a fake wannabe buster ass mark from jelly stone park!


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