Did you know?

*It’s disrespectful to ask ANY questions about a Motorcycle club.
*It’s disrespectful to ask ANY questions about a member in a Motorcycle club.
*It’s absolutely forbidden for someone to speak CLUB BUSINESS to a civilian or someone not in their own club. 
*It’s absolutely forbidden to post pics of Motorcycle club members that you did not ask permission first to post their pic. 
*It’s absolutely forbidden to invite someone to a private Motorcycle club event if you did not get permission from the hosting club first. 
*If someone is OUT BAD from a club there’s a reason for it. You must Respect the call of the club and cut ties. It might be your friend, but your loyalty is to the club. 
*Never disclose to anyone where a Motorcycle club’s clubhouse is at unless you get permission from someone in that particular club. 
*If you hear from speaking on a certain club and that person is not in that club, you need to walk away. 
*If you know someone is doing their club dirty and you actually got Respect for that club, you should directly get word to the President. You could save a life! 
*Don’t ask someone in a Motorcycle club to take a pic, it’s a good chance that pic could cause them problems.
*If you see someone from a Motorcycle club at a event, don’t ever tell someone else you saw that person. Leave it alone. It’s not your duty to snitch. 
*Don’t ever confirm anything about a Motorcycle club or someone in a Motorcycle club. Stay out of it. Say “you have no idea”.

I hope you read all of this. I hope you respect what I’m saying is 111% accurate and needed from you and everyone that is affiliated with the Motorcycle club lifestyle.

Thank you very much,

Goldie DeWitt

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