Protect The Patch

In my opinion, that of Goldie DeWitt President & Founder of 1DOWN MC.

If you are NOT in a Motorcycle Club and you posted a link in regards to the situation that occurred over the weekend allegedly involving 2 popular Motorcycle CLUBS near the 15 freeway I strongly recommend and suggest you please remove the link you posted. You are doing nothing but promoting negative propaganda against the entire motorcycle club lifestyle. You are allowing the media to use you as a contamination tool against our lifestyle our passion our family our brotherhood our motorcycle clubs and we did nothing to you. So please go back to your profile and delete absolutely everything you posted that came from the News Media. My second request is for you to NEVER publicly post or forward anything Motorcycle Club related that you see on the News or Social Media. Please respect the confidentiality of our lifestyle and don’t take it upon yourself to think you helping by spreading News that’s nothing but pure propaganda that’s designed and formatted to give Motorcycle Clubs and its members a bad name at the end of the day. I can’t stop you from reading it, but I’m asking you not to forward or promote it. JUST LEAVE IT WHERE YOU SAW IT.

If you are IN a Motorcycle Club I would ask that you please do the same and remove all links from your profile in relation to what happened over the weekend if you are not in the clubs that are being mentioned. That’s their business not yours to promote or smear. Just think about it. If your club hit the news and you saw motorcycle clubs that supposed to represent your same lifestyle forwarding and promoting the negative news propaganda in regards to the accusations against your club, how would that make you feel? If you are NOT of the named mentioned clubs in relation to what happened over the weekend, you need to remove all links, all videos, and comments and conversions. In my opinion.

1DOWN MC Rule: Another Motorcycle Clubs business is not our business to speak on.

CIVILIANS: Ask how you can help us, rather than hurt us.

MOTORCYCLE CLUBS: Protect the nest. Don’t contaminate the lifestyle.

So please in the future do not post or repost absolutely anything you see that hits the News in regards to Motorcycle Clubs.

YOU WANNA HELP? You can start right now. You wanna help? Now you know what to do next time.

“SAVE THE PATCH” not just theirs! But all of ours! The Government see all Motorcycle Clubs as a Gang, not just the ones you see on the News. Even yours too!

So wake up and join the movement. SAVE THE PATCH and matter of fact, if you ask me, i would say “PROTECT THE PATCH!!!!”

Love and respect,



Motorcycle Club Lifestyle

FACT: Just cause you purchased a motorcycle, it does not give you any RIGHTS or Privileges to the MOTORCYCLE CLUB LIFESTYLE. These privileges are earned by becoming a Full Patched Member after earning your colors THE RIGHT WAY! THE ONLY WAY!

If you don’t hear me speak on a CERTAIN TYPE OF CLUB, It’s because I don’t recognize that type of club.

I was born in 1972, so you need to understand I come from a Revolutionary blood line time of life. I AM OLD SCHOOL by blood.

What I respect and stand for is true to the foundation on what the traditional motorcycle club culture was built on. If you don’t understand me or respect my movement then you got the lifestyle twisted and you were taught by a real life phony or never taught anything at all.


PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR!!!!!! If you know anyone in a club that’s not happy, or talking shit about their club, or they said they thinking about leaving their club… PLEASE convince them to leave their club. You need to know that a REAL SOLDIER to their club and movement would never talk shit on their club! That’s a weak mutherfucker and that piece of shit is a cancer to the club and the movement and that cancer needs to be cut out. So please help lube the exit door and pull that piece of shit out the club and help that person and the club in the long run.

Don’t simply get a bike to join a club. Get a bike for transportation purposes.

Join a club cause you want to contribute to the lifetime movement of the club and to join the love of the brotherhood.




No Name Dropping

No Name Dropping of another MC on my post please. I don’t like my name mixed in nobodies conversation. If you gonna speak on any club within my post, you can speak on 1DOWN MC, but make sure it’s accurate. Not coming at you foul, just teaching you some MOTORCYCLE CLUB etiquette. Unfortunately many civilians are under the impression they can loosely speak on Motorcycle Clubs because they not in one, but thats where the problem roots itself.

BEFORE YOU BECOME A FAN OF A CERTAIN FOOTBALL TEAM, YOU NEED TO LEARN THE RULES & REGULATIONS OF THE SPORT. You will then have a full understanding of what’s what. Meaning if you find yourself becoming a fan of this MC world, you need to learn the laws and learn Motorcycle Club etiquette before you find yourself in a “Trick Bag.”

Remember, EACH 1, TEACH 1. It’s the 1DOWN MC way.

Take care and always be careful on what you say, who you say it to, and who is telling you something. IF YOU DON’T WANT NOBODY TO PUT SOMETHING IN YO MOUTH…. KEEP IT SHUT.

The streets have laws. Don’t break em. This goes out to Males & Females.

Much respect,


Muthafuckin Orange & Black

It’s been 19 years of building 1DOWN and since day 1 I haven’t stopped or slowed DOWN. I’m in this for the long run and 1DOWN will forever continue to grow stronger year after year. We gotta stay strong at what we do and we gotta be wise at how we do it. Success comes from strategic planning not stupid moves. 1DOWN is more than just a Motorcycle Club, it’s a Empire. A Empire that was created in the Inland Empire that has stretched across the United States and beyond to the United Kingdom and continues to grow and spread daily. 1DOWN will continue to spread and infect the world with something that most people lack and most people need. 1DOWN was created from day 1 to provide you with something you would never get or find anywhere on Earth. 1DOWN is your true key to happiness, success, and everything you ever wanted to accomplish!

Everything you ever wanted in life is waiting for you within the 1DOWN Empire. A true positive spirit that has touched Millions of people World Wide.

If you should ever find yourself lost…. just look for the light that shines from the vest of a Full Patch Member of 1DOWN MC and we welcome you to follow us as we guide you on a new path to a lifestyle you will 1 day be able to call home.

So when you ready to give 111% of everything you got and you ready to dedicate part of your life to the 1DOWN movement, just look for the light cause we always shining.

When a man does something every day, he becomes good at it. As you learn the ways of 1DOWN and you practice them daily, you will soon see just how much better you become at perfecting your craft.


Representing that

Loving that Southern California life.

1DOWN FUNDAY SUNDAY. When you feel good at what you, it shows in how you look! I make sure my club looks good cause it reflects how we feel 

Much love and respect,


A Fact About 1DOWN MC

As President of 1DOWN MC I personally see to it that we never get comfortable in anything we do. I see to it that all my guys understand the seriousness in staying healthy and making the gym part of life.

I make it a point to do my best to MAKE / FORCE my guys to work-out and hit the gym. I don’t give a fuck how old you are, you wanna GET DOWN with 1DOWN you better be able to hold your own at every level. I need no weak mutherfuckers in my camp. A weak mutherfucker will Crack under pressure and we need strong legs to keep this 1DOWN table standing strong and On The Level.

There is nothing I would ever ask out of any of my guys that I haven’t done or accomplished. I see myself as a true GET DOWN type man and best believe if I ask something of you it’s for a reason. That reason being to benifit you and the 1DOWN movement. I would never ask anything of my brothers for my personal gain. I need nothing from my club but 111% Loyalty! That’s it.

If you in this club or thinking about coming to this club you best be ready to be told to hit the gym! You best understand you will be subject to doing 50, 100, 125, 150 push-ups On The Spot!! I will humble yo ass and you will learn more about yoself and you will find yourself reaching new levels in your life because of 1DOWN MC. You will eventually see and respect just how healthy 1DOWN has been to you and your personal life and maybe your business life.

I don’t care if you a skinny mutherfucker, you better be a strong skinny mutherfucker that can handle you’re own at any Level.

I don’t care if you a fat mutherfucker, you better be a strong fat mutherfucker that can handle you’re own at any level.

“I take good men and make them better men!”

Goldie DeWitt

Personal Msg To All Motorcycle Club Members

“If you look at your club brothers as competition, and you don’t see them as motivators and people that inspire you… I suggest you lay your colors down!” -#1 Goldie DeWitt

The only person you need to be in competition with is yourself! You need to challenge yourself to do better today than you did yesterday. You must set your pride to the side and allow yourself to learn from someone else, to find happiness in someone else‘s happiness!

You gotta know better, to do better!


Motorcycle Club Life

“I live it. I dedicate my life to it. I make time for it.” -Goldie

“You fake it. You not committed to it. You make excuses making no time for it.” -You know someone who fits this? is it you?

THIS LIFESTYLE is not for the fake or weak. This lifestyle will squeeze out the MAN in you, or the BITCH in you. Best believe you will get squeezed! And just like football, it’s not about the hit, it’s about how quick you get right back up!

I am a 111% leader that takes pride in learning how things should be done from the teachings oh those that matter. This lifestyle has no room for mistakes and you can not UN-DO a fuck up! So with that being said you must ultimately become a perfectionist at what you do!

I’ve learned a lot more about myself and Who matters and What matters since I’ve dedicated myself to this lifestyle. I can tell you, but it wouldn’t matter, cause in this lifestyle actions speak louder than words.

I lead by example. I believe a good leader is a leader who gets DOWN in the trenches. I built 1DOWN from the ground up 18 years ago and I’ve been through some fucked up shit dealing with some sorry ass weak punk bitch mutherfuckers, but I never let anyone get in my way of moving 1DOWN forward year after year becoming bigger and stronger!

I am as SOLID as a man can be! I am proud to say this cause I have worked hard for it and I know this will be a continuous struggle for the rest of my life cause in this lifestyle you can never get comfortable if you wanna survive.

I respect those that show me the same respect I show them. I function with those that got their shit together. I function with those that hold a high level of respect for themselves. I function with those that see the potential in what I have to offer and appreciate what i have to offer. If i don’t function with you, there’s a reason for it.

I make no excuses and i don’t accept excuses. This lifestyle is something you have to reach for and you will always and forever have to make adjustments and modifications in your personal life to work around your club life. Say what you want, but ultimately CLUB LIFE comes first.

This past 3 days were filled with personal life, business life, and club life and when all said and done, it’s everything I signed up for and it always works out if you are a responsible organized person. I’m not allowed to get tired.

Just last:
FRIDAY night, went to a wedding with my Wife then After that I had to drop my wife off then catch up with my motorcycle club.

SATURDAY night went to a wrap party for Sons of Anarchy.

SUNDAY morning went to Save The Patch event with my Motorcycle club that lasted throughout the day and night.

So you best believe I have no room for any man’s excuse. I have told grown men to their face “FUCK YOUR EXCUSE!” When you speak from the heart against someone who speaks from a lie, they know at that moment they looking at your soul and passion of what you represent and trust me, they know how real shit is.

I love this lifestyle cause it allows me to fellowship with some good people and provide a brotherhood and family for those looking to share the same HABBITS we provide here in 1DOWN MC.

I AM SOLID TO THOSE I FELLOWSHIP WITH. Like I said, in this lifestyle actions speak louder than words.

I don’t give fuck if you are White, Black, Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern, or what ever. RESPECT has no color line and the foundation of what this lifestyle is built on is RESPECT.

1DOWN MC code of honor is something that’s recognized from head to toe on how we conduct ourselves and represent ourselves.

Thank you for reading… thank you for your continued love and support and friendship.

Love respect,


Each 1 Teach 1

In the 1DOWN Tshirt Laboratory making some super dope tshirts. I see to it that we are a self sufficient motorcycle club that needs nothing from nobody. We got just about everything we need In House. I also teach my guys how to design and operate so they can do their own. We stand true to the saying “EACH 1 TEACH 1.”

I make it a point to teach my guys “my Craft”.  I want them to be able to carry on with out me.  I want them to be able to provide for themselves to contribute to the forward movement of 1DOWN MC.

111% LEGIT HUSTLE is how we GET DOWN.