Respect The Lifestyle

We had a awesome 1DOWN Sunday Funday. 
**Where we go? Nunya
**Who was there? Nunya

A lot of you folks out there talking way too much and showing way to much. I’m seeing folks speaking way too much on MC life and they’re not in a Motorcycle Club! Folks showing pictures, videos, etc. You cats really need to cut that shit out.

**If you see me somewhere don’t take a pic of me.
**Don’t take a pic of my club.
**Don’t tell nobody you saw me.
**Don’t speak on me.

This new life of taking pics and video has simply turned into DRY SNITCHING! It has done more damage to the MC lifestyle than people really know, but we don’t have to continue with it. It needs to stop, NOW!! And the only way it can stop is if the people in Motorcycle Clubs say something. So I’m speaking up for myself and my club. I’m not participating in plastering such a private exclusive lifestyle to the public internet anymore!

This lifestyle is not for the public. It’s not for public entertainment. It needs to be respected for what it was and needs to be, NONE OF YOUR DAM BUSINESS!

People talking about Motorcycle Club life, protocol, policies, bylaws, chain of command, inner workings, and so forth on video really need to cut all that shit out and delete all those videos. You really think you doing the MC lifestyle and clubs a favor? Fuck no you not, you hurting it and you giving all the wrong people and government agencies a glass window thinking what you saying is true and it isn’t but most of all it’s nobody’s business at all. SHUT THE FUCK UP! Stop snitching, stop talking, stop speaking on the Motorcycle club lifestyle. It doesn’t need anyone to make sense of anything for anyone. If you don’t understand it, it’s because it’s not your business.

PLEASE….. Understand the MC lifestyle is private regardless of what you been seeing. A change is needed right now! A change of respecting it’s privacy and not showing and telling what ain’t for the public.


Shit is way to real in this Motorcycle Club Lifestyle for folks to be so careless with photos and videos.

You wanna support the MC lifestyle? STOP SNITCHING with your pics, videos, and mouth! That’s the most priceless contribution donation you could ever make!

Thank you,

Goldie DeWitt

One thought on “Respect The Lifestyle”

  1. I have a question so if we buy a supporter shirt we can’t wear it out ? I just don’t want to be that guy that wears it out and you guys get upset.

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