Did I tell you I absolutely fucking love my BMW motorcycles! I’ve owned a lot of motorcycles but it’s something special about this BMW that makes me feel real proud and confident in everything it has to offer.

A mans motorcycle is truly and extension of him. You will see a lot of similarities between a man & his motorcycle. If he’s a clean cut man, you will see a clean bike. If he’s a scruffy type man you will most likely see a scruffy type bike. A man who’s very responsible and doesn’t like excuses will most likely have a nice, reliable bike that he keeps in tip top shape. A man that has a ton of excuses, and tends to be pretty irresponsible will most likely have a shady running bike that’s unreliable.

I made my decision to go BMW because of many reasons, but the main 2 reasons were reliability & horse power. I want my motorcycle to represent me as the man I stand today and that is a man that stands behind his word that you can depend on and a man that represents power in a strong way! I personally felt this was something I could not achieve with “That Other Brand” no matter how much money i put into it without heavily sacrificing it’s reliability. To make that other bike stronger it made something else weaker and at that point you realize you are living the life of a tweaker trying to chase your first high!

I know I’m living a life of being ahead of the game to where many folks out there was like “what the fuck is he doing on a BMW”? Then at the same time there were many people out there that said “you 1 smart sharp Game changing mutherfucker”!

GAME CHANGER? That’s not why I switched to BMW, but yes I am confident that decisions I make can influence a huge audience on the strength that I did something they once thought about and by me doing it, it gave them a real life picture of what it would look like. So with that it gives them the confidence to move forward. As for me, I do what I do for me regardless of what anybody thinks. I do it cause I know I’m gonna enjoy it & I’m gonna look good at it. If someone doesn’t like it, it’s simply because they contaminated with jealousy or don’t have good taste, but eventually they bow down to the G.O.A.T. aka GREATEST OF ALL TIME!

This is a 1 MAN SHOW I run. After me there will be no other. After me the show will be over and everything I did and stood for and accomplished will turn into awesome stories to share and tell for years & years! But while I’m here, you best believe I’m gonna continue to dig deep and plant this 1DOWN root deep in the ground to hold strong for centuries of mind blowing stories on that guy they called GOLDIE the creator of 1DOWN. They will speak on me as they speak of the 12 Greek Gods.

“We are dead way longer than we are alive.” So for this short time on earth you get 1 chance to immortalize yourself into this physical world so that your spirit continues to touch the soul of those living to spread the word of your life.

I’m here to experience, live, and love as much as I can every single day. I have no desire to hold on to any 1 thing for the rest of my life. I desire to touch & let go of as many things as I can for the rest of my life.

“DO NOT ALLOW NO MAN OR WOMAN TO CONTROL YOU!” Be free. Live free. Think free. Your spirit can’t be caged!

Thanks for reading.

Goldie DeWitt

4 thoughts on “BMW & GOLDIE”

  1. GOLDIE speaking Loud and clear before u it was none after it won’t be no more So let it be said Let it be done 💋

    1. I’ve watched this brother build some beautiful beast so he knows what hes talking about and I applaud him for staying in his own lane created by him.

  2. I have owned HD’s most of my life (that’s a long time to some of you kids) and still own HD’s. I started looking for something to add to my stable that was entirely different but still a bagger. Your video outlining your experience with the K1600B along with a great deal of research brought me to the choice of adding one. It’s rapidly becoming the my “go to” bike. I just wish I could get my hands on those insane Remus pipes of yours. Awesome!

  3. I know you don’t post vids no more brother & I understand your reason but I truly loved you vids of you & your club riding truly inspirational & I would love to see some more pics of your BMW Bagger

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