1DOWN is a Lifestyle

Today was a awesome Sunday Funday. The weather was perfect for riding. We met up at 11am as we do every single Sunday of the week 52 weeks a year. I got home at 11pm putting in 12 hours and tonight I came home early.
This MC life is not for everyone. This is nothing we get paid for doing but we apply the same responsibilities and commitment as if we are getting compensated for what we do but it’s all volunteer on our own free will.
I’ve seen people come and go over the years… I seen many faces and I’ve forgotten many names and faces but 1 thing is for sure, each one of them will forever remember me and the best part of their lives, the time they spent with 1DOWN.
I make sure I tell people straight up, that they don’t need to join the club just to hang out and have fun. I tell them cause fact is if they attempt to join the club or they join the club and they end up not in the club anymore, I will never have anything to do with them! I really do take this shit serious. It’s a lifestyle for me that I truly respect and look up to.
A man coming to this club is truly stepping into lane he’s never been in. Nothing about 1DOWN MC is typical or normal. I am very aware that 1DOWN MC has made history on a International platform in several categories. So with that being said I must really be careful on who I grant permission to Prospect for 1DOWN MC.
A Prospect for this club is put through a serious Program. A Deprogramming Program and a Programming Program. 1DOWN is not just a club it’s a lifestyle, something like a religion. The way we do stuff is for us by us not having anything to do with anyone else.
I take responsibility for my members but I hold them accountable for their words and actions. Being involved in this motorcycle club I will bring out the Man in you, or the Bitch in you! I’m sure you know which one ends up Out Bad.
I’ve seen a lot and I’ve been involved in a lot of different situations some good some not so good, but I’ve learned a lot from each. Something I must say is that people seem to be joining clubs for the wrong reason not doing enough research into what they wanting to get involved in.
People see 1DOWN MC shinning in the streets and at events but they don’t see how hard we practice before the game. I aim to make what we do look easy but I’m sure you know it’s not.
It takes a lot of discipline to be in this club. It takes money to be in this club. It takes a strong chin to be in this club. I don’t care if you got a dope Harley Davidson and you wanna come to this club, fuck yo bike! Loyalty is what I’m looking for.
When I see patch holders that are still active in their club after 10 years, 15 years, 20 years+ and they still happy and still motivated to move their club forward, those are the guys I admire and those are the guys that have the most respect for.

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  1. 1DOWN it’s a true Genuine please when ever I’m around 1Down think u got the fun and I look forward ever time I can attend Much Love and Respect. love always Jackie D.

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