For The Kid

Today before heading back to the clubhouse we stopped at the supermarket to grab some munchies and this lil kid came up and wanted to put on my helmet and sit on my bike. He was so full of excitement and happiness I just had to make it happen to give him something he will remember for a lifetime. I also let him start it up. His mom and dad was so happy and thankful. The one thing that made me feel awkward was when the kid look at me and said to his dad “I want to be like him when I grow up”. Holy fuck I was stuck, I just smiled and his wife looked at me like “hey, the kid knows a real man when he sees one”.

My life adventures are always fun.


2 thoughts on “For The Kid”

  1. What’s up …. I enjoy watching all the u-tube videos seems like a tight net group…was wondering do y’all have any chapters in Indiana…once again in joyed the videos

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