5 thoughts on “Discrimination Experience At Roscoe’s Deli”

  1. So true wat u said how people approach others no respect n professional but I like the way u handle it your business as humble n Thts real G lol

  2. Good for you Bra, for having the intelligence to walk away from a no winning situation. We as bikers need to know which battles are important to fight. I applaud you and your club members, TooTall, President Bayou Boogie M/C

  3. I watched a couple of your videos, one is the one about what happened in that restaurant in California, and one about what happened at the gas pump. I also noticed that you are a praying club. Now I am not a rider myself, I think I have waited till I got too old and banged up, but I have known some bikers, way back about 40 years ago I was friends with some that helped me out a couple of times, i won’t mention the club, they were a 1% club, but this was another era, way back, and they were not like I have heard they are now, but point I am making is, I feel like there is some hard core profiling going on with motorcycle clubs, and of course in some cases it could be racism in some of these instances, but I am mainly wanting to talk about something about what is happening in this country and how it seems that the powers that be, and I think more than anything they are globalist anti-Christ types that are trying to see how much of a police state people in this country are going to accept. I know cases where MC members have lost their right to carry concealed weapons with licenses and they would not get those licenses if there was any reason for them not to get them, no criminal records yet police are pulling them over and arresting them and the courts are taking their licenses just because they are in a motorcycle club. Now it makes no difference what type of club I am talking about, you know yourself some police think that someone is a criminal if they are on a bike and certainly if they have a vest on. I admire you greatly for the way that you have handled yourselves under this persecution, and I am going to be praying for you. As I said, I have had biker friends from way way back, and on top of that, I just do not appreciate anyone in this country being profiled, for whatever reason, I believe the division is coming from one source, the ones that want to take America down and to bring forth a globalist communist one world government, and you being praying bikers, I can tell you that this one world government is only a fake or a counterfeit of the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven that will come when Jesus Christ returns.

    I just want to say that I support your motorcycle club, I admire you guys, I am praying for you, you seem to be suffering persecution, I know this, that those that would live rightly before God will suffer tribulation.

    Keep riding safely, and may God bless you guys, you are in my prayers.

    BY THE WAY, have you guys talked to Black Dragon, he is National President of Black Sabbath MC, I am not sure what sort of club he has, obviously it is a law abiding club. He might have some input about this sort of thing. Just remember, submit to God, resist Satan, and Satan will flea from you. I am going to pray for you guys that God will be with you and that no harm will come to any of you. I hope you will not let yourself become bitter, as this is all that Satan would like to do, is make you bitter, then he has you where he wants you. Don’t let anyone steal your joy.

  4. Cant get away from garbage like that at times however what battle is it really as its the problem of the individual framing all things in a discriminatory manner. Their is no point to start shit with them, when you have shit going for you why the fuck would you bother, know what I mean. I remember someone freaking out and about to cause some real trouble with me…. I threw my hand in a gesture of whatever and left. Why? New vehicle, great life, business and have done a lot in life. They got the problem and I don’t need any meaningless b.s.

  5. That manager was/is wrong! He should call you and apologize or apologize to the entire club at once! There is NO good reason for his behavior! I have been in a similar situation and I spoke out at the guy (No cursing)! He KNEW he was wrong but was going to call security, so we just left!

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