Goldie as “Menace” on SOA

YO!!!!! Now I think about it. I’m actually glad I wore my full face helmet. I intentionally wore it to show and represent my real life club 1DOWN MC on national television to let people know what real life club was really behind the Grim Bastards.

I say this because at first when I saw the show aired on TV Tuesday night I was a bit disappointed that I actually choose to wear my full face helmet and cover my actual face making it impossible for anyone to actually see my face and see that it’s really me. Well, it’s 10:20am on Thursday morning and yes I am guilty of watching it again but it just hit me and now I see that I really did make the right decision and I’m glad I did it.

I was blessed with the opportunity to be ME on the show and represent myself as the everyday real life biker that I am. No other person in 7 years on that show in a real life club was ever allowed to wear any of their actual club attire on the show except me.(pure luck) So fuck it, let me milk it all the fucking way!!

My face has been seen, but my real life club is what made this all possible. So yes I wanna make sure the WORLD knows who 1DOWN MC is and who inspired the life into the Grim Bastards.

It’s rare opportunity someone gets to be on #1 TV in the world and wear their own clothes, ride their own motorcycles, and represent their own real life club!!

Everything you see on me is personal and official and has real life club meaning to 1DOWN MC that I wear on the show.

**That’s my actual 1DOWN MC 111%er helmet I wear in real life.
**My actual 1DOWN MC soft color orange tshirt.
**My actual real life 1DOWN MC vest is under my Grim Bastard wardrobe vest.
**I wear my own creased up 501 Jeans.
**I wear my own actual real life 1DOWN MC boots. No tennis shoes!!
**I ride my very own personal 1DOWN MC club bike.

So yes I’m on the show, but to have my real life motorcycle club be immortalized with the Sons of Anarchy, the most popular Motorcycle club lifestyle Television show in history is a honor and it’s historic!!

I wanna say Thank you all for your generous abundance of love and support to me, my club, and the Sons of Anarchy television show. It’s been a great ride and as we sit right now, we got 7 more episodes left and then it’s a wrap. But trust me when I say this, “you better hold on tight cause this wild ride will be going down in history!”

Thank you all and much love and respect.


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