Respect The Club

1DOWN MC ain’t got no reason to give our colors away to nobody. If you not gonna earn your colors, then fuck you & fuck off.

Yes, family first but in some situations you gonna have to prioritize the club over your family, and if this is something you absolutely can not do, then the club life ain’t for you. No need to sugar coat shit cause there will be times when THE CLUB will take precedence over a family engagement.

Folks just don’t get it… you must respect the club you fellowship with. You must respect the club you are in. It’s not about you, it’s about the future of the club.

The key to a successful relationship with your club is consistency! Be consistent with whats expected from you.

Don’t move too fast, don’t move too slow. Don’t get ahead of yourself, don’t get overwhelmed. Earn your keep. Keep your hand on the throttle at a solid cruising speed always ready to excelerate, turn left or turn right at the immediate request of the club.

You must be a rider for your club, not for yourself.

The MC life is not for everyone. If you have too much of a strong obligation to your blood family, or work/job then don’t come to the MC lifestyle thinking the MC lifestyle is supposed to make modifications to how it operates because of your personal lifestyle.

You have to know and respect that THE CLUB has expectations of you. The club has a PROGRAM and the club is on a MOVEMENT to be successful in what they do and how they operate and the club does it’s best to keep everyone SQUARE and level for the future of the club.

1DOWN MC has never been the problem, the problem has always been the fake 1’s that came through for the wrong reasons.

I shared this info with you to show you and educate you.

This MC life is about LOYALTY & RESPECT.

Goldie #1

Photo of 1DOWN model Riley, holding 1DOWN MC patch. **photo is an actual Scratch & Sniff. Only works with Samsung cellphones.

3 thoughts on “Respect The Club”

  1. Goldie, trying to find more info on White Power Fairing. Looks like modified Roadawgz winsheild. If not can one be purchased? Any info would help. Thanks. Dynas For Life.

  2. That honesty is some real shit. These words should be printed in bold on every real M/C’s application for membership; these words should be recited weekly in church; these words should be a focal point for every prospect in every real M/C. Bet that.

    Mad respect for this one.

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