A Fact About 1DOWN MC

As President of 1DOWN MC I personally see to it that we never get comfortable in anything we do. I see to it that all my guys understand the seriousness in staying healthy and making the gym part of life.

I make it a point to do my best to MAKE / FORCE my guys to work-out and hit the gym. I don’t give a fuck how old you are, you wanna GET DOWN with 1DOWN you better be able to hold your own at every level. I need no weak mutherfuckers in my camp. A weak mutherfucker will Crack under pressure and we need strong legs to keep this 1DOWN table standing strong and On The Level.

There is nothing I would ever ask out of any of my guys that I haven’t done or accomplished. I see myself as a true GET DOWN type man and best believe if I ask something of you it’s for a reason. That reason being to benifit you and the 1DOWN movement. I would never ask anything of my brothers for my personal gain. I need nothing from my club but 111% Loyalty! That’s it.

If you in this club or thinking about coming to this club you best be ready to be told to hit the gym! You best understand you will be subject to doing 50, 100, 125, 150 push-ups On The Spot!! I will humble yo ass and you will learn more about yoself and you will find yourself reaching new levels in your life because of 1DOWN MC. You will eventually see and respect just how healthy 1DOWN has been to you and your personal life and maybe your business life.

I don’t care if you a skinny mutherfucker, you better be a strong skinny mutherfucker that can handle you’re own at any Level.

I don’t care if you a fat mutherfucker, you better be a strong fat mutherfucker that can handle you’re own at any level.

“I take good men and make them better men!”

Goldie DeWitt

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