Doing Good Deeds

1DOWN MC to the rescue! My brother 75 pulled over to help these ladies and give them the assistance they needed to get back on the road safely. One of the ladies looked up 1DOWN and sent a thank you note. Figured I’d share some private life stuff that most people would never think a man in a motorcycle club would ever do.

Stop believing the Bullshit you see on TV. He good folks and we here to help you as you would hopefully help us in time of need.

Great job to my brother 75!!


3 thoughts on “Doing Good Deeds”

  1. I commend 1 down. I have followed you club via YouTube and your vblogs, and as a man I makes me proud to see other men, brother’s, good human beings do what God intended for them to do. All it takes is one to make a difference and 1 down is doing that.
    Here in the south there are several mc’s from rare breed to kings of the south I take nothing away from them. But I’d like to see more work from all diverse Mc’s not only for themselves But for their community. Show the people you’re here not just for your colors or your bikes but your here to make a difference, but in a positive way.
    1 down keep doing what you do and strive for 111%. Borrowing a quote, “Don’t just talk about it, be about it”.

    Much continued success my brothers!

  2. What’s up fellow Riders, I follow you all on YouTube. God bless you and your family. I was wondering if there’s a chapter in Western Massachusetts??? Keep your head up Burn Rubber not your soul. Drive safe my fellow brothers.

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