Think Beyond Today

12957541_980893678660143_4136559726730333642_oMSG….. “You have to think beyond today. Don’t allow a moment of pleasure to cause you a lifetime of pain.” Reach for the future and leave everything behind you, behind you. I see too many small mistakes that are being over looked turn into a big problem that should have never happened if folks used RESPECT, ETIQUETTE, and cared about their own life as well as others.

Don’t be disrespectful. Nobody wants trouble, but everybody is ready to get funky. That’s not the solution. The key to avoiding a problem is to not start one.

I see what’s right in front of me, so I keep part of my focus aimed up the street, giving me time to react and make the best decision.

I am not just a guy who shares stuff on Facebook. I’m a family man, a business owner 20 Years, a Motorcycle club President, a photographer, videographer, graphic artist, and last but not least a natural born hustler. I say this cause it’s all those bits and pieces that make me who I am and why I see things the way I do and why I do things the way I do.

RESPECT has only 1 ingredient and it’s called respect. There ain’t no substitutions for it. You give it, you show it, you pay it forward. This is the foundation of the motorcycle club lifestyle. No excuses. People get shit fucked up. You don’t get 1 chance. You get NO chances. You fuck up, it’s a wrap. You have to live your life knowing you CAN NOT FUCK UP. The consequences of fucking up are always BAD and unfortunately it doesn’t just effect that person who fucked up. It effects mostly all those connected to that organization.

I wish no harm on no one. I keep myself & my club as safe as I can. If a issue comes to surface, we deal with it the proper way. We bring it to the table. Talk, Resolve, Peace be agreed, & Advise those that matter.

I wanna wish everyone a safe & fun summer. If you got hot heads in your club, I advise you to check that situation. Real sad when a hot head causes a situation and someone goes to pull the hammer back on him and ends up dropping lead in someone who had nothing to do with the situation. That death could be you, your wife, your kids… all over someone you knew should have been kicked out your club a long time ago. So, please check your own people and police your own people before it’s too late. Ain’t no coming back from death, and nobody I know wants to die.

To the sport bike motorcycle club I spoke on in regards to Dames N Games, I wanna say thank you for the phone call and your understanding in the decision that was made. The decision that was made was purely “BUSINESS” nothing personal. Cool as we always been. **Non of what was mentioned in above article has absolutely anything to do with you.


Much love and respect to everyone,

Goldie DeWitt

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