Get ready for 2016

Greetings everyone… I just wanna say welcome to November 🙂 Next month is Christmas and then right after that we go into the new year of 2016. Time is just flying right along and it don’t stop or slow down for nobody.

I hope you getting yourself ready for the new year. Your plans should have already been set by now. To start planning now, is a bit late, but it’s better than nothing.

You gotta have a plan on how you gonna handle things better in your Personal life, Work life, and Motorcycle club life. Everyday is a new day, and each month & each year things change, so you must adapt and you must make modifications to keep up, stay active, stay current. You can not depend on things being complacent. You have to want & look forward to change. Change often reflects forward movement, advancement, & acceleration. These are all needed to reinvent for progress in ones self or motorcycle club.

Be aware of who is who. Stay away from people with negative dark energy. Stay away from people that act like nothing in life can ever make them smile. Stay away from people that have been in the same fucked up situation of negativity for years! Stay away from people that always think it’s okay to tell you something negative about other people. Stay away from people that don’t smile when you win. Do not loan money out.

2016 can be a much better year if you go into it with a solid plan of action. The key is to stand behind your own rules and by-laws. Be true to yourself, be solid to your motorcycle club.

**God bless the Mongols MC and all their active members and members in good standings. Wishing them continued success in defending the right to keep their patch and fly their colors with pride.
**God bless all the men in the motorcycle clubs that were killed & jailed in the Waco, Texas situation.
**God bless “Kevy Kev” from Rare Breed R.I.P. and much prayers to Rare Breed.

The motorcycle club community was been challenged with some very tragic situations but through it all we must get back up, dust our pants off, stand up tall, chin up, chest out, stay together, and keep moving forward.

Yes, I must admit even in 1DOWN MC we was struck with a bad situation that is now fixed and all better for the club and it’s future. “A man that bites the hand that feeds him will choke on that same food sooner or later!”

In a motorcycle club, you must Cut the cancer out or Squeeze it out. Never just allow it to sit there. It will never fix itself. You must confront it and make the decision for that person, trust me. Always show your loyalty is to your club and not to a member. If a piece of shit member get’s kicked out and you end up going right after him, then more than likely you were a piece of shit too and you both were in the club for the wrong reasons. When bullshit ass members get booted out the club it makes the core of the club way more solid and brings less stress to the club allowing room for positive growth.

Much love and respect to all motorcycle clubs. Much love and respect to all those that support a certain motorcycle club and you support in the right way and you know how to conduct yourself, keep your mouth shut, and respect the privilege of being able to be around.

Have a great week. Watch everything & everyone around you. Life is different now.

Goldie DeWitt

This pic of me on my Harley Davidson Dyna “Orange Bang” was taken yesterday. Had a great day with my brothers!

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