1DOWN Program

As President & Founder of 1DOWN Motorcycle Club I would like to commend all the LOYAL & DEDICATED Patch Holders out there.

A man in a motorcycle club has 1 hell of a challenging life, and most people have no idea just how much is needed from that man for him to sustain a balanced relationship with his motorcycle club.

The man in his club that shows up, participates, steps up, pays his dues, stays active, keeps his personal life balanced, work life balanced, and club life balanced is the club brother you want and the club brother that wants to be in his club and most of all, respects his club. When a man respects his club, he will do what ever it takes to stay in his club and never put himself in violation. In this lifestyle, one violation can cause you to be kicked out and there goes all your hard work and you have no one to blame but yourself.

I’ve seen people come & go through this 1DOWN empire I’ve built almost 20 years ago, but through it all, I’ve become stronger & wiser. I’ve been lucky & blessed to be here to learn from my own mistakes as well as others, and in some cases the unfortunate mistakes of other motorcycle clubs.

It really sucks balls when a “no-good” person comes through a motorcycle club and leaves a forever healing wound that just won’t fully heal, and that person is long gone and not in the club anymore. Now the club and all is great members are forever trying to fix, correct, untarnish, prove, and get another chance at proving THEY are not what that one man has painted them to be. I commend all the true, loyal soldiers to that club who never gave up, who never quit, who still love their club from day 1 of Prospecting.

I do my best to keep my club straight, clean, and bullshit free. We not better than nobody, but we are too good to be are bullshit. I think all clubs feel that way.

All clubs have their own rules about certain situations, this is what makes each club unique. 1 Rule I have in 1DOWN MC that does not bend or change is that we do not talk to, nor communicate with any ex-members. When you out the club, you are cut the fuck off from everything, forever! If you met someone through the club and that person is no longer in the club and you wanna still show loyalty to that person, then you will be kicked the fuck out too!! Fuck that mutherfucker and fuck you too. WE need no weak links in our PROGRAM. I do what I do for a reason and trust me, there is a reason for this.

In closing I wanna say great job to all Patch Holders starting from my very own club to the clubs that I fellowship with to the clubs that matter.

Much love & respect,

Goldie DeWitt

3 thoughts on “1DOWN Program”

  1. I have been wanting to join your club for years since 2010 to be exact what you have just preached is the reason I am hesitant on moving forward. Much respect to you and your club

  2. Hey goldie ive been looking at the club for a while now and i was just wonderingnif you guys are a strictly african american club or you guys mixed

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