We Must Help Each Other!


Over the next few months you better set yourself some rules. You can not live carefree anymore!!
**STAY away from gangbangin shit.
**STAY OUT of other people’s business.
**STOP dating a dude who said he will kill you.
**DON’T talk shit about someone via text msg cause that fucker you chatting with will screen shot everything you said to the person you talking shit on.
**DO NOT say SUWOOP, if you not a ACTIVE Blood.
**DO NOT wear RED or claim BLOOD if you not a ACTIVE Blood Gang member.
**DO NOT accept a invite to anywhere you know there might be trouble.
**DO NOT think that person is about to give you a fare fight.
**TREAT EVERYONE as if that person has a gun on them and they will shoot you out of fear.
**IF YOU SEE TROUBLE coming it’s best you leave.
**IF YOU are somewhere and some other people get into a argument/ possible scuffle, but the bouncers don’t kick them out. You best believe they will soon fight and you gonna wish you left already.

A few years from now we will look back at 2014-2016 as the KILLING YEARS and you will either be part of those that got killed or part of those that can look back on what you survived.

At this point if you living in Southern California, you either know someone directly who was murdered or you knew of them.

Today a woman was found shot to death in her drive way in the high desert. And in Rancho Cucamonga a man was found dead in a public park.

EVERY SINGLE DAY there is local murders hitting the news and it’s not slowing down. So I bring this to your attention to hopefully make you think twice about everything you do from the time you wake up till the time you go to sleep.

Stick to yourself or stay tight and close to your group and keep outsiders OUT!!

BLACK MOTORCYCLE CLUBS having civilians at their functions is a really BAD idea during these times. No disrespect to how some get down and the money they need to make by allowing civilians but a life is priceless. MC event should be MC invite ONLY. No civilians. **just my opinion. Its best to Go to a event where everyone is accounted for. Where everyone has to answer to somebody. WORD IS…. Female Social Club females are causing lots of drama! There’s only one way to fix that. Glad I don’t have ZERO social club issues. How I run my club is different from many, but don’t judge me cause at the end of the day you gonna say you wanting the same thing as I do. The freedom to ride, be in a safe environment, fellowship with our brothers, and enjoy the company of other like minded people. Somebody FUCKED up a long time ago giving FEMALE SOCIAL CLUBS the same privileges as a all male motorcycle club. FUCKING LAME!!!!! How the fuck you gonna give a Female Social Club President who don’t ride a motorcycle the same Privileges you give a all male motorcycle club president that rides a a motorcycle and his club has been around for many years!!

I know I fucked up by speaking on this silly shit and I might delete this post soon, but believe it or not, the action I mentioned above are part of the reason the black motorcycle club life continues to bump heads amongst each other. I SAY PLEASE JUST DO IT THE WAY IT SUPPOSED TO BE DONE AND THE PROBLEMS WILL GO AWAY!!! A motorcycle club should not need funding from NOBODY but themselves to survive. I am speaking but I am not pointing my finger at nobody or no club. I truly wish my words could bring healing to black people, black bikers, black gangbangers. I say black cause right now we need help and we have no roll models or anyone stepping up to help. Even black celebrity so called roll models got issues and drama!

I refuse to be part of the problem and I wish I could be part of the solution but I would never put myself in harms way trying to fix something that’s too damaged to be fixed.

In closing let me say this so you don’t get it twisted.

I have nothing against Female Social Clubs. I just feel things would work out better is Female Social Clubs fellowshiped amongst themselves as a community and allowed their rules to apply within their own community. The MAN MOTORCYCLE CLUB LIFE is no place for female Social clubs. If it was up to me. If a female in a social club showed up to a MC event she would show up as a civilian cause wearing her vest meant nothing at a MC event. A high school cheerleader don’t wear her uniform to Church on Sunday cause nobody gives a fuck, you at church bitch! That cheerleader shit only applies during high school football games!

SOMEBODY FUCKED THE GAME UP A LONG TIME AGO. Yes it can be fixed but who’s gonna step up. I’m just giving you some advice. Fortunately for me, I’m not in the mix.

Trust me folks. I’m her to help. I may speak on something foul, but I do come with some type of resolution.


3 thoughts on “We Must Help Each Other!”

  1. I didn’t know the word “suwoop” was related to a gang. Ive heard it used and used it myself but will longer use it. Thanks Goldie, continue educating people with your articles.

  2. This, Sir, is why I follow all of your posts. Your delivery at times can be direct, lol..but it is always 100% real. I don’t know any other way to say it but you get it, you figured out how to make the Motorcycle Club function properly with minimal issues. Being self sufficient is the smartest ideal in all of the world but the black set SEEMS to prefer the “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” mindset to keep the money flowing regardless of what comes with that philosophy. This ain’t Church but Amen is the word that comes to mind. Much Respect Sir. Grady

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