For The Love Of Motorcycles

It sure was a perfect weather day out here in Southern California, so that made it just right for me to take my FXR out for a ride. Just enough sun to see the OG supers flake in the paint.

Every bike collector has a dope ass bike they rarely rides, but it could be someone else’s dream bike that they would ride every day if they had it. My brother #69 wants it bad! If his money was right, he could have it. I don’t get attached to these bikes.

This one was built from the frame up. From each screw & nutt to cables and everything on here is brand new. Building a bike from starting with a frame is something I would never do again and I don’t recommend anybody doing unless you got a lot of time & a lot of money to burn! It’s cheaper to just buy someones finished project, trust me.

This is my custom FXR with a 120R Motor with motor work and a whole lot of other top shelf bells & whistles. It’s a true show piece that’s ready for ride or race! I don’t build no trailer queens or floor show bikes. A bagger with a 30in wheel? Not for me at all. A dope looking Dyna with a monster motor, supreme suspension, fantastic handling, and a look that says beast mode is what represents 1DOWN MC.

Goldie DeWitt

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