It’s All About Respect

1DOWN MC….. gotta keep the clubhouse stocked with munchies! All clubs should be self sufficient. You should not need anything from anyone or any other club for survival or growth. Invest within, grow outward and share the love with those that respect your get down. All clubs are ran different but the structure is pretty much the same. 1DOWN MC takes pride in what we do and how we do it. We like to see ourselves as “the otherside of the pillow”, the fresh side, the cool side :-).

Best wishes to all clubs. You ever wanna slide through and fellowship and be treated like a guest and not like a customer, give me a buzz. I’ve positioned my club to not need anything from anybody. So best believe if we invite you to come hang with us, it’s for the fellowship and not for your money. We don’t need it.

Make sure your club is structured properly and the right people are in the right positions. There should never be questions or insecurities about money, funding, etc.

If you got a good solid honest President, you need to support him and give him the same in return. If you got a shiesty dishonest untrustworthy President you need to bring it to the table, or step out the club. Talking shit about your President is unacceptable. MAN UP. In 1DOWN MC we don’t play that shit. I keep shit transparent. Not 1 person in my club is skeptical about anything THAT MATTERS.

We don’t argue trip or fuss about MONEY or FEMALES. NEVER!!!!

So before you run your club to another clubs event, please make sure you got yo shit together!

At this level in the game, it’s all about RESPECT. ┬áMistakes are not tolerated.

Goldie #1
President / Founder

4 thoughts on “It’s All About Respect”

  1. You may think that your words only affect the men in your club but I assure you that you have a broader reach. Thank you for spreading knowledge about the MC world and how to properly handle things. Much Respect and continued success to you and the 1Down MC family

  2. like the positive thinking way of life that is being put out there by your website and would a chance the be apart of that type of family and have like minded people around me

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